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Soldier Boy

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Seasons One and Two
[ In November 2017], Amazon ordered the first, eight episode, season of ''The Boys''. Ahead of the series premiere, on July 19, 2019, Amazon Video renewed the series for a second season which premiered on September 4, 2020. Unlike the first season, where the whole season was dropped at once, [ Eric Kripke insisted] that the second season drop one episode a week. Kripke said of the problem with the full season drop “People burn through it in a week or two. There’s an intense amount of activity and then it sort of fades…. There’s so many great moments in season 2, we want to give it time to marinate so people can reflect on it and talk about it before they move on to the next thing and be in the conversation a little longer. I think a little anticipation for the fans is healthy.”
Season one was both hugely popular and well-received by the critics. Viewers loved the sardonic humour along with the high levels of violence, gore and sex which provided a contrast to the more anodyne MCU and DEC movies. The second series was even more successful, and it became [ the first non-Netflix show] to rate in the Nielsen Top 10 streaming shows.  [ Season Two] became the first comic book adaptation to score an Emmy nomination for Best Drama ever!
===Season Three===

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