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Season 15 Callbacks

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* Chuck makes Michael explode and beats Sam and Dean to a pulp much like how Lucifer smote Castiel on a subatomic level and whaled on Dean in [[5.22 Swan Song]].
* Jack uses his powers to steal Chuck's powers, making him the new God. Castiel did something similar in [[7.17 The Born-Again Identity]] with Sam and [[Hallucifer|his psychosis]] from his time in the Cage by shifting it from Sam's mind to his own. Jack only previously displayed such powers when he lent his power to Castiel to kill [[Dagon]] in [[12.19 The Future]].
* [[Sam and Dean's Initials|Castiel's and Jack's names ]] are seen carved on the Bunker table below [[Mary]]'s initials.
* At the end of the episode, we see a montage of scenes from multiple previous episodes.
* Sam and Dean's exchange as Dean is dying is verbatim from [[1.01 Pilot]], when Dean asked for Sam's help in finding their father. Dean even mentions when he picked up Sam to find John after dispatching [[Constance Welch]] the [[Woman in White]]. He admits he waited by Sam's dorm room for hours wondering if Sam would either tell him to get lost or die or what he would've done if he didn't have his little brother.
* Dean and Bobby meet in [[Heaven]] outside of [[Harvelle's Roadhouse]] where they share a beer. Before the Winchesters burned his flask in [[7.23 Survival of the Fittest]], Bobby expressed hope to see them again in Heaven after they die. In addition, in [[7.19 Of Grave Importance]], after learning that Bobby stuck around as a ghost, Dean commented that Bobby could be in Heaven drinking beer at Harvelle's instead.
* Dean mentions Bobby being locked up in Heaven's prison for five years after helping Sam and Castiel free Metatron from Heaven's Dungeon in [[10.17 Inside Man]], though Bobby tells him that Jack released himas he was making Heaven into what it was always meant to be. * Castiel has been killed six times throughout his 11-year character arc: once by [[Raphael]] in [[4.22 Lucifer Rising]], twice by Lucifer in [[5.22 Swan Song]] and [[12.23 All Along the Watchtower]], once by the [[Leviathans]] in [[7.01 Meet the New Boss]], once by the reaper [[April Kelly]] in [[9.03 I'm No Angel]], and once by the [[Cosmic Entity]] in [[15.18 Despair]]. He was revealed to have been revived each time: three times by [[Chuck]] in [[5.01 Sympathy for the Devil]], [[5.22 Swan Song]], and [[7.17 The Born-Again Identity]] (after months of amnesia), once by [[Gadreel]] in [[9.03 I'm No Angel]], once by the Cosmic Entity in [[13.04 The Big Empty]], and once by Jack in [[15.20 Carry On]].
* Bobby mentions that [[Rufus Turner]] is in Heaven as well as John and Mary Winchester.
* Bobby explained that Jack brought Castiel back from [[the Empty]] and they made reparations to Heaven, no longer isolating each individual soul in their memories as was seen in previous seasons, but tearing down the walls and making Heaven into a more peaceful version of Earth.
* Dean's death and Sam's life after it are an echo of what Dean told Sam in [[8.14 Trial and Error]], where Dean tells Sam he will live a long life into old age with children and grandchildren.
* Sam dies of old age in the distant future, echoing what Dean said to Sam in [[8.16 Remember the Titans]] after [[Prometheus]]'s funeral pyre, that Sam is going to live a long life and will one day die of something normal like a heart attack rather than supernatural causes.
* Much like when Castiel told Dean he could find Sam by following the road in Heaven in [[5.16 Dark Side of the Moon]], upon arriving in Heaven, the first thing Dean does is drive until he meets up with Sam. Previously, Castiel calls it the [[Heaven#Axis_Mundi|Axis Mundi]]; a path that runs through Heaven which is seen differently by each soul in Heaven, and for Dean in both cases, it's a "two-lane asphalt", though it starts off as a dirt road outside the roadhouse until he drives into the woods and eventually reaches the bridge.* Dean's death on a random [[vampire]] hunt can be tied back to [[5.16 Dark Side of the Moon]]. In the episode , [[Ash]] reveals that Sam and Dean have both died "more than anyone I’ve ever met", but were always sent back with their memories wiped by [[God]] or the angels.
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