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Betty was a [[reaper]] who was captured and killed by [[Lucifer]] in order to create a new [[Death ]] to open and read [[Chuck's Death Book]]. However, before she can could reveal its contents, she is was killed by Lucifer.
===[[15.19 Inherit the Earth]]===
[[Lucifer]] teleports a bound and gagged Betty into the [[the Men of Letters Bunker]], and after introducing everyone to her , proceeds to stab her with an [[angel blade]], killing her, while reminding everyone that Betty is the first [[reaper]] to die after [[Billie]]. After a few seconds, Betty revives as the new [[Death]]. As When [[Dean]] removes the gag from her mouth, Betty headbutts him before standing up and breaking the chains around her. With her new [[Death's Scythe|scythe ]] in her hand, she demands [[Chuck's Death Book]] from the confused Winchesters.
[[Sam]] and Dean take Betty to the Bunker archives, but before they can enter the room with her, she denies them entry. Sometime later, Betty appears in the Bunker library and begins reading from Chuck's book, only for Lucifer to kill her and take the opened book for himself. He then reveals to everyone that it was all just a ruse set up by [[God ]] to get His book. However, even though Betty opened the book for them, the Winchesters still can't were unable to read it as the book can only be read by Deathand those Death allows.

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