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Alex Jones

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Raised by an elderly grandmother, Annie Jones was reported abducted on February 29th, 2006, outside of Kenosha, Wisconsin, when she was 8 years old. She was kidnapped by the vampire [[Celia]] and her nest, and renamed Alex. She was used as a blood slave and as a lure, bringing unsuspecting victims to the nest for her family to feed on, and used as food when the hunting went dry. In 2014, aged 16, she ran away out of guilt over what she was doing. The vampires re-captured Alex, but she was rescued by Jody and the Winchesters.
After being taken in by [[Jody Mills]], Annie continued using the name Alex. In 2015, [[Claire Novak]] also moved in with Jody Mills, following the death of her mother. She and Alex developed a slightly fractious sibling relationship, with Alex trying to live a normal life and Claire determined to become a hunter in her own right. After Alex's boyfriend turns out to be a vampire involved in a revenge plot against her, Alex grows closer with Claire although she tells the Winchesters that she still wants nothing to do with the hunting life.
Alex later gets into nursing, working at Sioux Falls General Hospital. However, she still helps out with hunting from time to time when Jody asks for her help, telling [[Patience Turner]] that while she's not much of a fighter, she still helps as much as she can in other ways. [[Sheriff Donna Hanscum]] later tells Dean that despite her reluctance, Alex has become a competent hunter in her own right.

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