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Chuck's Death Book

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History: Dean read one of his notebooks at the end of 14.10 Nihilism.
Unlike the other notebooks in Death's Library, this book appears as a black leather tome with the Greek symbols for Alpha and Omega on the cover. The book was retrieved by Sam and relocated to the [[Men of Letters Bunker]].
After Jack doesn't kill Chuck, the book's ending changes. Billie finds what it says "interesting" and suggests that it still involves Jack. The book is left in the Winchesters' possession, but they can't even open it as only Death can read it. When they do manage to get it open, they discover that it's blank -- its contents the pages can only be read by the current incarnation of Deathunless they give someone permission to read its contents. They use the book itself as part of a "Plan B" to lure Chuck out into the open so Jack could steal His powers and become the new God.

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