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Travis Johnson

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|image= [[File:TravisJohnson.png|350px]][[File:YoungTravis.png|350px]]
|name= Travis Johnson
|actor= [ Ryan Alexander McDonald]<br>[ Liam Hughes] (Young)
Travis and his sister [[Caitlin Johnson|Caitlin]] met [[Sam]] and [[Dean Winchester]] in 1993 when their father dropped them off to stay the the Rooster Sunrise motel, where their mother worked in Wadsworth, Ohio.
After Dean seemingly kills [[Baba Yaga]], Travis remained traumatized by the events. He eventually made a lucky charm out of the witch's damaged ring which Travis' mother finds in a vaccum. As he grew up he had trouble with drugs and holding down a job, his sister Caitlin would try to get him to seek help, which he eventually does through immersion therapy which returns him back to the Rooster Sunrise motel in 2020 to face his fears after having his lucky charm repaired.

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