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13.03 Patience

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'''Sam:''' He is uh, He's pretty messed up though.<br>
'''Dean:''' You're telling me.<br>
'''Sam:''' No, he's messed up because of you... Dean. You said you'd kill him.<br>
''' Dean:''' It wasn't exactly like that.<br>
'''Sam:''' Then how exactly was it?<br>
'''Dean:''' I told him the truth. See, you think you can use this freak. But I know how this ends, and it ends bad.<br>
'''Sam:''' I didn't.<br>
'''Dean:''' What?<br>
'''Sam:''' I didn't "'end bad." ' When I was the "'freak," ' when I was drinking demon blood.<br>
'''Dean:''' Come on, man. That's totally different.<br>
'''Sam:''' Was it? Because you could have put a bullet in me. Dad told you to put a bullet in me, but you didn't! You saved me! So help me save him!<br>
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'''Dean:''' If you wanna stay here and Mr. Miyagi this kid, knock yourself out. I didn't sign up for that. So I'm gonna go to work.
:''[ Mr . Miyagi] is the Japanese Karate mentor who coaches the eponymous star of the [ Karate Kid movies.].''
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{{TriviaQuote |Text=
[ Missouri was originally meant] to appear in the season one finale, [[1.22 Devil's Trap]], but scheduling conflicts with actress Loretta Devine forced the production to create a new character, [[Bobby Singer]], as a fill in.}}{{TriviaQuote |Text=[ Soon after the episodes airing], creator [[Eric Kripke]] revealed he got Missouri Moseley's name from his wife's great-great grandmother, who was a frontier woman and a purported psychic.}} 
* [[13.03 Patience (transcript)]]

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