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[[File:BisaanLarva.png|thumb|left|350px|A bisaan larva gestating in a host body.]]
When a bisaan possesses a human, the host will take on a pale appearance with pointed, thorn-like teeth and green glowing eyes. The possession eventually leads to loss of hair and genitalia. Bisaans communicate through a buzzing/clicking sound, especially to find a mate. After mating, the females hosts die and the larval bisaan gestate in their wombs for years before hatching.
===Powers and Abilitiesabilities===* Burrowing – Bisaans can burrow into the ground to create their lair and allow their larvae to safely gestate until the reproduction cycle begins anew.* Possession– Bisaans possess people by crawling into their mouths and taking over control, using a body like a hermit crab would a shell. Due to bisaans being unable to reproduce themselves, they use the possessed humans to breed every 27 years.* Enhanced Superhuman strength/durability– Humans possessed by bisaans gain strength that far exceeds that of an unpossessed human.* Burrowing
* Burning white sageDecapitation – Cutting off the head is the best known way to kill a bisaan.* Fire – Bisaan are also susceptible to fire.* Can be killed by decapitationShort life span – Upon birth, a bisaans life span only lasts a few days. They use this time to mate as much as possible before dying off so the new generation can continue the cycle.* FireWhite sage – The scent of burning white sage can repel bisaan.
[[File:BisaanLarva.png|thumb|left|350px|A bisaan larva gestating in a host body.]]
===[[11.19 The Chitters]]===
In 1989 [[Jesse Cuevas|Jesse]] and his older brother Matty are walking through some woods in Gunnison, Colorado. When Jesse goes behind a tree to pee, Matty is attacked by a bisaan. Calling out, Jesse runs to where Matty was only to see him getting dragged away into the trees.
==Bisaan in Lore==

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