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Fandom Rocks

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The charities are selected by the fans, and every six months two new charities receive the donations collected on Fandom Rocks.
In July 2008 Fandom Rocks started their third campaign, collecting money for WriteGirl and InvisibleChildren (suggested by [[Sera Gamble]]) in form of an e-bay auction of fan goodies in August 2008. The campagin had scripts signed by Jensen and Jared, [[Eric Kripke]], [[Sera Gamble]], [[Ben Edlund]] and other writers, as well as a signed "Ten Inch Hero" script and the "Nobody knows I'm a Lesbian"-shirt worn by [[Jensen]]'s character Priestly in the same movie. More about the campagin campaign can be found [ here]. Fandom Rocks closed its doors and ended its campaigns Tuesday, Jun 15th, 2010.
[ Shelter beneficiary of Supernatural campaign]
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