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Fan Cookbook for Jared

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'''Do you have a favorite recipe? How about a recipe you made up yourself? Or even a simple dish that you like to cook? We want for you to add it to our cookbook.'''
This is a fan made cookbook that will be gifts for our favorite Winchesters and their significant other! We will be making two cookbooks, one for the newlyweds [[Jared ]] and [[Genevieve ]] and one for the soon to be newlyweds [[Jensen ]] and [[Danneel ]] as a wedding gift from the fans!
Both cookbooks will be separated into six categories: Appetizers; Entrees; Side Dishes; Desserts; Beverages; and Doggie Treats. In your recipe that you submit we welcome you to write a little Congratulations or anything supporting to each of the newlyweds. *Please nothing rude or disrespectful or we will not add your recipe*

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