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Espírito Santo

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The fictional [[ghost ship]], whose name means literally "Holy Spirit" after the Holy Ghost of Christianity, is a [[death omen]]. This three-masted [ Clipper ship,] will seek out a specific target - people who have spilled the blood of family members. In [[3.06 Red Sky at Morning]] four people saw the ship before drowning on land, the first was Sheila Case, who killed her cousin in a car accident, the next two were the Warren brothers, who murdered their father for the inheritance. The final victim was to be [[Bela Talbot]], however [[Sam Winchester]] was able to perform a [[spell]] to summon the [[Sailor Sailor’s Ghost]]'s brother, the captain of the Espírito Santo who put him to death, which allowed the Sailor Ghost to exact revenge, finally putting him and Espírito Santo to rest.

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