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Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital (GSPH)

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Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital (GSPH) is located in Ketchum, Oklahoma.
A [[Wraithwraith]] is feeding on patients' brains, amplifying their psychosis in order to saturate the brains in neurotransmitters.
*[[Dr . Fuller]] was one of the Psych ward counselors and was a staff member of Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital. He conducts an assessment interview with Sam and Dean - when they simply explain that they hunt monsters and are trying to stop the [[Apocalypse]], he admits them for treatment. He also conducts the group therapy session in which Sam takes part.
*[[Dr . Erica Cartwright]] was an hallucination who appeared to Dean as a doctor who worked at GSPH.
*[[Karla]] was apparently a staff member who conducts medical exams on Sam and Dean at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital. It was eventually reveled that she was a [[wraith]].

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