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Fixing issue with the template itself being marked as a deletion candidate.
<div align="center"><table style="background-color: #C2C2C2; border: 1px solid #B20000; text-align:center; font-size:8pt; valign:top;" cellpadding="5" width="400"><Tr><Td><font size="+0"><span style="color: #B20000">This page has been marked for '''Deletion'''</span></font><BR>  This page is up for deletion because it is a broken or unneeded page or image. <b>{{{reason|}}}</b> <br> If you believe this page should not be up for deletion, please contact an administrator.</td></tr></table></div>
==Label a page for deletion==
Simply add the following code at the top of the pageand fill in the reason why the page should be deleted:
It will be automatically categorised under [[:Category:Pages for Deletion]] also.
[[Category:Super-wiki Admin]] [[Category:Templates]] [[Category:Site Notices]] </noinclude> <includeonly> [[Category:Pages for Deletion]]</includeonly>

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