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Chuck Lambert

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|name= Chuck Lambert
|actor= [ Daryl Shuttleworth]
|dates= ???? - 2005 2012 (killed by a [[Airplane Demon|demon]])
|occupation= Pilot
Chuck was the pilot of United Britannia Airlines Flight 2485, which crashed after [[George Phelps]], possessed by [[Airplane Demon|a demon]], tore open a door mid-flight.  ==Episodes=====[[1.04 Phantom Traveler]]===Chuck Lambert was later piloting United Britannia Airlines Flight 2485, a [[Airplane Demon|demon]] [[possessed himself ]] [[George Phelps]] brought the plane down by opening the planes emergency exit mid-flight. Surviving the crash, Chuck became broken up about it, believing the crash to be his fault. Shaken by the experience, Chuck attempts to get over his fear of flying through practicing on a single engine plane. While he and died after his co-pilot are waiting for their plane to be fueled, Chuck is possessed by the same [[demon made him ]] that caused flight 2485 to crash .  The demon possessed Chuck then appears to be cheerful and relaxed and ready to fly. After some time in the air, Chuck asks his co-pilot how long they have been flying, and upon learning they have been in the air for forty minutes Chuck suddenly dives the planetowards the ground, and elbows the co-pilot in the face as his eyes turn a demonic black. The plane crashing into a telephone pole and then the ground.

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