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|image= [[File:Maurice.jpg|350px]]
|name= Maurice
|actor= [ Artine Brown]
|dates= ???? - 2013 (killed by [[Dean Winchester]])
Maurice is a rogue [[reaper]] that was hired by [[Bartholomew]] to track down [[Castiel]].
===[[9.03 I'm No Angel]]===
In order to find [[Castiel]], [[Bartholomew]] hires rogue [[reaper]]s to hunt for him. Maurice follows [[Sam]] and [[Dean]], but is captured by them after they notice him following them. Dean tortures him with an [[angel blade]] for information and after the reaper tells him all he knows, Dean stabs him through the neck with the blade, killing him.
* [ Artine Brown] previously played a Night Watchman in [[4.22 Lucifer Rising]].
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