Sophie Carlton

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Name Sophie Carlton
Actor Amber Borycki
Dates 1987 - 2005 (killed by the ghost of Peter Sweeney)
Location Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin
Episode(s) 1.03 Dead in the Water


Sophie is the daughter of Bill Carlton and sister to Will Carlton, and a varsity swimmer.


1.03 Dead in the Water

One morning Sophie Carlton decides to go out on the lake and have a swim. She stands on the dock, looking at the lake, while her brother Will watches from a distance as she dives in. She swims and comes up for air, looking around; she sees no one. She keeps swimming. She comes up for air again and looks around some more; still no one. Suddenly something approaches her from underwater and pulls her under.

Despite being a varsity swimmer, Sophie was drowned by the spirit of Peter Sweeney in Lake Manitoc.