Sophie Carlton

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Name Sophie Carlton
Actor Amber Borycki
Dates 1987 - 2005 (killed by Peter Sweeney)
Location Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin
Episode(s) 1.03 Dead in the Water


Sophie is the daughter of Bill Carlton and sister to Will Carlton, and a varsity swimmer.


1.03 Dead in the Water

One morning Sophie Carlton decides to go out on the lake and have a swim. She stands on the dock, looking at the lake, while her brother Will watches from a distance as she dives in. She swims and comes up for air, looking around; she sees no one. She keeps swimming. She comes up for air again and looks around some more; still no one. Suddenly something approaches her from underwater and pulls her under.

Despite being a varsity swimmer, Sophie was drowned by the spirit of Peter Sweeney in Lake Manitoc.