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Name Sloth
Actor C. Ernst Harth
Dates  ???? – 2007 (exorcised by Bobby)
Location Hell
Occupation Demon (Deadly Sin)
Episode(s) 3.01 The Magnificent Seven


Sloth is a black-eyed demon and one of the Seven Deadly Sins. His origins are unknown, but he existed as a demon with his six companions before the 16th century and has been trapped in Hell with them since the Dark Ages. Azazel means for Sloth to be a soldier in Sam Winchester's army, but after the army is freed from Hell at the cost of Azazel's life, Sloth and the other Sins begin operating as an independent group, only caring about causing death and suffering to entertain themselves.


Sloth has black eyes (irises and sclerae). He possesses a man Bobby describes as a "heavy guy." Sloth is able to drain people's capacity to do anything, even as simple as getting up and getting food. He can infect up to and possibly even more than three people with his sin at once. His influence remains over a period of days, during which his victims slowly die of dehydration and starvation.


2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two

Sloth (and the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins) is later revealed to be among the hundred or more demons seen escaping Hell through the open Devil's Gate in this episode. Like the other demons, he appears as demon smoke.

3.01 The Magnificent Seven

Sloth joins the other Sins in hanging out at a local bar while causing the deaths of humans through their power to incite deadly sin. Hunters Tamara and Isaac identify Envy as the demon behind the deaths and plan to capture him at the bar when they track him to it. When the hunters move to attack Envy, Sloth reveals himself a demon as well and attacks them alongside the other Sins. After Gluttony forces Isaac to kill himself, Sam, Dean, and Bobby intervene, fending off Sloth and the other Sins with holy water and capturing Envy before escaping.

Sloth and the rest of the remaining Sins track the hunters down in attempt to rescue Envy, and when Wrath tricks Tamara into breaking the salt-line to let his comrades in, they separate to attack all four remaining hunters. Sloth goes to attack Bobby, but ends up walking into a devil's trap instead. He, Lust, and Wrath are all exorcised by Bobby.

Sloth's meatsuit is one of the only two meatsuits of the Seven Deadly Sins to survive, the other being Lust's, though Bobby indicates that both are scarred for life by their time possessed.