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Silk cover by Dave Johnson
Variant Silk cover by Stacey Lee

She’s a super-hero and there are big villains and events that she’ll have to deal with — but we want to focus on how she balances that life with her personal life. What’s it like to live with elevated Spidey-Sense? How do you keep your job when sometimes you have to drop everything and go save the day?

– Robbie Thompson, Comic Book

Marvel announced a new comic series Silk at New York Comic Con in October 2014, to be written Robbie Thompson with art by Stacey Lee. Robbie was present on the Spider verse panel at the Con.

Silk features Cindy Moon, the girl bitten by a radioactive spider on the same day as Peter Parker, who was introduced in Original Sin . It launched on 18th February 2015.

Thompson spoke about what form the story would take with Comic Book resources.

The spectacle of genre story-telling allows for great character grace notes throughout, and we have a great opportunity to find those moments with Cindy. One of the ways we’re seeking to balance it out is by flashing back to her life and the decisions that led to her following Ezekiel’s advice. Nick Lowe came up with a great phrase that’s really been the perfect signpost for writing this first arc: “From Bite to Bunker.” Getting to unpack the moments that Dan Slott and the rest of the Spidey team have set up has allowed us to shed light on her character, and make sure it’s not all punching and kicking.
But believe me: there will be punching and kicking!

There has already (October 2014) been speculation that Cindy Moon may feature in a future movie, along with other female Spiderman characters source.

Robbie Thompson's entry into the Marvel verse began with a steampunk Lady Spider, a short story in November's "Spider-Verse" #1 anthology. source.

As Thompson's Silk has finished its first arc, and in this interview with Marvel he talks about her dark times ahead.

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