Significant Dates

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24th January


  • Dean Winchester (1979)
  • Jessica Moore (1984)

While many fans developed intricate theories as to the significance of Jess and Dean sharing a birthday, Eric Kripke has stated that he chose the date because it is his wife's birthday.

2nd May


  • Sam Winchester(1983)

In a bizarre coincidence, Eric Kripke's son was also born on this date in 2007.


  • Mary Campbell makes a deal with Azazel (1973)
  • Sam Winchester dies. Dean Winchester makes a deal to bring him back (2007)
  • Dean Winchester's deal is up. He dies (2008)

2nd November

Azazel kills

  • Mary Winchester (1983)
  • Jessica Moore dies (2005)

Sam Winchester is six months old on this day.

The events at the end of 1.22 Devil's Trap occur on this day.