Sheriff Christine Barker

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Name Christine Barker
Actor Andrea Menard
Location North Cove, Washington
Occupation Sheriff
Episode(s) 13.01 Lost and Found


Christine Barker is the sheriff of North Cove, Washington, and the mother of Clark Barker.


13.01 Lost and Found

After receiving a call from her son, Clark, about a naked man in the parking lot of Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats, Sheriff Barker heads to the restaurant. Noticing that Jack gets agitated when he sees her put her hand on her gun holster, Sheriff Barker puts her hands up and assures Jack that she just wants to help him.

At the Sheriff's Department, she gives Jack some clothes from the lost and found and begins questioning him. The only information she can get out of Jack is his first name, that his mother is in Heaven, and that he is looking for his father. When Sheriff Barker offers to help find him, and asks for more information, Jack only tells her the last thing he remembers: "I remember when the bad woman burned. I remember the universe screamed." This takes her slightly aback. She proceeds to take Jack's thumbprint, and while looking at the scan, she receives a call from Sam Winchester posing as an FBI agent. When she sees the thumbprint isn't like a normal humans, she tells Sam they need to talk in person.

Looking for Clark and Jack, she notices the lights flickering, and soon finds them in the break room. Clark mentions that he doesn't think Jack ever had candy before. Jack shows the sheriff his ability to make the vending machine give him free food. When Jack begins hearing angel radio, the pain causes him to react and unleash his power on Sheriff Barker, sending her flying into the vending machines and knocking her unconscious. When she comes to, she finds Sam and Dean standing in the office area over an unconscious Jack. After Sam and Jack are put in a holding cell, Dean sits with Sheriff Barker and explains that he and Sam hunt monsters, and that Jack is a Nephilim -- a half-human, half-angel hybrid. Dean leaves her to process what he's told her, but soon after Miriam and two other angels arrive and take Clark hostage. Dean tells Sheriff Barker that her gun won't work on Miriam, but Miriam tries to make a deal: she will let Clark go if Sheriff Barker shoots Dean. When Miriam gets news that the other two angels have found Jack, she stabs Clark in the abdomen. Sheriff Barker rushes over to her son, and applies pressure to the wound and calls for an ambulance.

In the aftermath, Sheriff Barker leaves with her son in the ambulance to the hospital.