Serena Colman

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Name Serena Coleman
Actor Sunita Prasad
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by the Alpha Vampire)
Occupation British Men of Letters Head of Security & Surveillance
Episode(s) 12.14 The Raid


Serena Coleman was the British Men of Letters Head of Security and Surveillance in their American expansion, having held three unspecified PhDs.


12.14 The Raid

As Sam and Mary arrive at the British Men of Letters Mobile Command, Mick introduces them to his team, Alton Morehead and Serena Coleman, who heads up the security and surveillance. Serena begins the briefing on Project V, revealing that out 241 vampires active across twelve states, the British Men of Letters have killed all but eleven, of which are holding up in the abandoned Morest Hotel in Wichita. Telling the hunters they are prepared to send a team in and wipe out the remaining vampire nest in the Midwest, completing Phase One.

As the vampires lay siege the the mobile command, Serena and the others lock themselves in the briefing room, while Sam, Mary and Pierce Moncrieff venture out to gather weapons. When Pierce suddenly arrives back, banging on the door in a panic. Alton opens it only to soon be met by the Alpha Vampire, who stabs Alton in the back with his claws, drops him and enters the room. An enraged Serena rushes the Alpha Vampire with her blade in hand, only to be easily stopped and fed on by the Alpha.