Season 15 Callbacks

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Chuck recounts his history with Sam and Dean.

The final season of Supernatural has many returning characters, and callbacks to events of earlier seasons.

Returning Characters

Creatures and Spirits

Spells and Weapons and More

  • The soul catcher, a device Rowena used in 11.23 Alpha and Omega to collect souls and make the soul bomb to use against Amara, is used to capture the Hell ghosts.[1]
  • Rowena has to remove her resurrection charm that she has used twice before to cheat death.
  • Becky Rosen is revealed to still be a fan of The Supernatural Books / Winchester Gospels, writing fanfic stories online and selling "Supernatural" merchandise on Etsy, which proves lucrative.
  • In 15.05 Proverbs 17:3, Dean and Sam pose as U.S. Wildlife Service "Agents Ford and Hamil" using the same fake IDs from 1.03 Dead in the Water. There is a running gag that Dean doesn't look like his picture anymore, while no one comments about Sam's more visibly obvious younger photo.
  • Sam produces Ruby's knife to kill Lilith. Lilith remarks that he was only able to kill her in 4.22 Lucifer Rising because she let him.
  • Sam uses a devil's trap bullet to trap Lilith, although it is unable to hold her for long.
  • Dean uses a witch-killing bullet to to kill Emily the witch.
  • Sam and Eileen find Rowena's Spellbooks which document everything she knows about magic. These journals have only made brief cameos in previous seasons before 15.06 Golden Time. Sam completes and uses an unfinished resurrection spell Rowena originally planned to use for Mary to revive Eileen.
  • The voodoo doll created by Emily and her mother to torture Sam appears similar to the Twigs & Twine Doll created by Miss Beverly in 12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes.
  • Dean looks to the Demon Tablet to find a way to trap Chuck.
  • Dean grabs his grenade launcher before entering the monster fight club, but once again doesn't get to use it.
  • Castiel discovers an angel sword in a victim's possessions and realizes that he was a Grigori from what Tamiel told Sam about the swords and his kind. Kabaiel tries to kill Castiel with his own angel sword, but is instead killed by Castiel.
  • Billie uses Death's Scythe to kill Merle for failing to keep Jack in line. In addition, Merle disintegrates in the same manner that Death did when Dean killed him with the scythe.
  • Sam wields Mjölnir and Dean unleashes his grenade launcher in 15.14 Last Holiday.
  • Adam gives Jack one of his ribs, a Hand of God, which is the last step in his 300,000 year plan to kill Chuck and Amara. When Jack absorbs its energy, it starts an elemental chain reaction, fusing his human soul and nephilim grace into a metaphysical supernova.
  • Dean uses Death's Scythe to drive Billie away, forcing her to leave Jack, her scythe, and Chuck's Death Book after he slices her shoulder. She reveals that the scythe kills anything it slices, revealing that Dean caused her death just as he killed Death five years prior in 10.23 Brother's Keeper.
  • Castiel draws an Angel Banishing Sigil on the door to the Bunker's dungeon, which acts as a protective sigil against Billie.
  • Michael uses one of the archangel blades to kill Lucifer.

References to Past Events

15.01 Back and to the Future

15.02 Raising Hell

15.03 The Rupture

  • Lilith is mentioned when her method of controlling demons working on Earth is explained via her crook, which offers a way to stop the "Ghostpocalypse."
  • Ardat finds out their plans by posing as Arthur Ketch on his cell phone after killing him. Ketch previously posed as Mick Davies in the same manner after killing Mick in order to trick the Winchesters into a hunt so that he and a team could bug the Bunker in 12.18 The Memory Remains.
  • Belphegor's plan to take in a vast number of souls so their power would make him invincible and God-like recalls Castiel actions in opening the portal to Purgatory and absorbing the souls there. This gave him great power and he proclaimed himself the new God. [3][4]
  • Rowena's sacrifice in 15.03 The Rupture is amalgamation of Sam's sacrifice in 5.22 Swan Song and Crowley's sacrifice in 12.23 All Along the Watchtower. Her last words, "goodbye, boys," mirrors Crowley's own "bye, boys."

15.04 Atomic Monsters

15.05 Proverbs 17:3

  • In Sam's nightmare, Dean attempts to kill the Lucifer-possessed Sam with the Colt, only to have Lucifer heal the injury and burn Dean alive. This references both when Dean tried to kill Lucifer, possessing Nick, in 5.10 Abandon All Hope... and similarly failed, and when his alternate 2014 self tried to kill the alternate 2014 Lucifer with the Colt while he was possessing Sam in 5.04 The End. The nightmare Lucifer even wears the same white suit from the latter instance.
  • The beginning scene where Ashley Monroe and her friends are stalked by the werewolves Josh and Andy May is reminiscent of the scene from 1.02 Wendigo where Tommy Collins and his friends are stalked by the wendigo. In both episodes, three people are attacked at their campsite and two of them are taken before the monster moves on to the third, who in both cases survives the attack.
  • One of Lilith's lines as Ashley Monroe was "Wouldn't it be great if everything was just planned out for you? If it was all just already decided?" to which Dean replies it wouldn't be. Gary Frankel, disguised as Sam, asked Dean "I don't know. You ever feel like your whole future is being decided for you?" in 5.12 Swap Meat, and Dean says it feels like that happens a lot, to which Gary replies "No matter how much you fight it, you can't stop the plan. The stupid, stupid plan."

15.06 Golden Time

  • Castiel uses the alias Clarence Worley while working a djinn case in Wyoming. Clarence was Meg's nickname for him through Seasons 5 and 8.
  • The Bunker is shown to have a phone setup reminiscent of Bobby Singer's and Garth's, used to back up aliases for hunters in the field. Like Bobby and Garth, Dean backs up Castiel's FBI alias. However, Dean simply hangs up on Castiel, leaving him to pretend he's still talking on the phone in front of the sheriff.

15.07 Last Call

  • While Dean catches up with Lee Webb, he mentions how he suffered from ghost sickness at the hands of the buruburu Luther Garland in 4.06 Yellow Fever.
  • Dean and Lee Webb were hunting buddies while Sam was in Palo Alto attending college at Stanford.
  • Lee tells Dean he can't just sit around lip-syncing "Eye of the Tiger" when no one is watching, a reference to the outtake of Jensen lip-syncing at the end of 4.06 Yellow Fever.
  • Dean sings karaoke with Lee Webb, which is a reference to singing karaoke in 10.01 Black during his demonic misadventures with Crowley. Dean even wears the same clothes on both occasions. Dean also comments on how the last time he sang karaoke, he got food thrown at him.

15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

15.09 The Trap

  • Dean and Castiel make several references to their time in Purgatory between Seasons 7 and 8.
  • A Leviathan reveals that Benny was ripped apart by vampires for helping Sam and Bobby escape after the events of 8.19 Taxi Driver. Benny is still a Purgatory legend for escaping from Purgatory and then returning.
  • The Leviathan tells Dean and Castiel that Eve wants revenge for killing the Alphas and absorbing all of the souls of Purgatory.
  • Chuck's threats to persuade Sam not to imprison him are reminiscent of Zachariah's attempts to convince Dean to give Michael his consent in 5.04 The End. Both parties show the Winchesters alternate futures where they live in an apocalyptic version of Earth and eventually lose in the end. Both versions of Dean in these alternate futures lose hope in themselves and their allies. However, while Dean continued to refuse to give his consent, Sam is more receptive to the alternate future he sees.

15.10 The Heroes' Journey

  • Garth once again displays his tendency towards hugging people. This time, Dean proves to be more receptive.
  • Sam and Dean meet Garth's daughter Gertie Fitzgerald. Garth previously mentioned having a daughter with Bess Myers in 14.09 The Spear. He is also revealed to have recently had two twin boys which he named after Sam and Castiel.
  • Dean and Garth remark on Garth's claims to have killed the Tooth Fairy on his very first case. Garth insists that "she had it coming."
  • Dean tells Cutty that the Winchesters have killed demons, angels, Alphas, and gods.
  • The fight club promo for the Winchesters' fight uses their mug shots from 2.19 Folsom Prison Blues.
  • Garth is once again knocked out by a monster during a fight. However, this time he recovers in time to kill the monster and save the day. Garth once again quips that an enemy "got Garthed" after disposing of them as he did in 7.18 Party On, Garth.

15.11 The Gamblers

  • After Sam comments that he'd originally thought the coins from Fortuna's pool hall were hexed or cursed, Dean brings up the Rabbit's Foot from 3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock which was cursed to give the owner good luck which turned sour after the object was lost.
  • The Winchesters refer to their past of hustling pool to make money to survive, something that hasn't been seen since 10.17 Inside Man. It's also shown that, unlike many of their other skills such as lock-picking, Sam and Dean really are good at pool on their own from their years of experience without the added luck God gave to them.
  • Fortuna's pool hall is reminiscent of the witch Patrick's poker games in 5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester. In both cases, the victims die if they lose too much, and both Fortuna and Patrick choose to play against Sam rather than take on Dean for a rematch. However, unlike Fortuna who skims luck off of each person's winnings, Patrick detests cheating, relying on intuition rather than reading minds or using magic to rig the game in his favor. Sam, who is not as skilled as Dean at pool or poker, manages to beat them both.

15.12 Galaxy Brain

  • At the end of 15.09 The Trap, Dean refers to Chuck's plan as "galaxy-brained", and tells Him to, "Go back to Earth 2 and play with your other toys." This episode begins "four weeks ago" on Earth 2, and one of the TV screens Chuck turns on in the Radio Shed shows the ending conversation with Sam, Dean, and Castiel from "The Trap." Chuck then proceeds to "play" with his other "toys" for the next few weeks by destroying every alternate universe.
  • Jack looks at Mary's initials on the library table.
  • Dean and Castiel talk about how he and Kelly recognized Jack's goodness in previous episodes.
  • Sam mentions the Cosmic Balance to Castiel after learning Jack is to kill God.
  • Dean mentions having seen Death's Library from 13.05 Advanced Thanatology.
  • Sam reminds Dean and Castiel about Ma'lak Box and how it was a plan of Billie's that failed.
  • When Dark Kaia demands her spear back, Dean says it was destroyed. Michael snapped it in two in 14.09 The Spear. The remnants of the spear were left behind in the penthouse apartment of the hotel in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Dark Kaia reveals that when she accidentally stabbed Kaia Nieves with her spear in 13.10 Wayward Sisters, she tended to her wound before making her way to the Winchesters' world, revealing that Kaia is alive in the Bad Place and has been fending for herself for two years.
  • Jody explains that after Kaia's supposed death, Claire became obsessed with seeking revenge for two years, particularly after Jody told her that Dark Kaia had made her way to their world.
  • Jack uses his powers to dreamwalk with Dark Kaia, which mirrors the time he dreamwalked with Sam, Dean, and Kaia in 13.09 The Bad Place.
  • Merle talks about when Amara penetrated the warding in the Bunker to enter it in 11.22 We Happy Few.
  • Castiel talks to Jody about how he took everything from Claire when she was younger and he may never forgive himself for it.
  • Merle's death mirrors Death's death in 10.23 Brother's Keeper.
  • Dean remembers his first meeting with Death in Chicago during the Apocalypse a decade ago in 5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight, where Death prophesied that he would one day reap God in the end.

15.13 Destiny's Child

15.14 Last Holiday

  • Dean makes reference to having killed Hitler, which he did in 12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For.
  • Dean tells Sam the sleeping robe gifted to him by Mrs. Butters feels like he's wrapped in hugs, which he also told Sam when he wore a sleeping robe in 13.16 Scoobynatural.
  • The flat screen TV Dean got for the Dean Cave that was broken at the end 13.16 Scoobynatural was repaired by Mrs. Butters. He initially got the TV as a reward for saving the owner of a pawn shop from a dinosaur mascot outfit possessed by a ghost.
  • Mrs. Butters pulls out Sam's fingernails in a futile attempt to convince him to kill Jack. He previously had his fingernail ripped out in 3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas when he and Dean were captured by Madge and Edward Carrigan, who were preparing a ritual to sacrifice them to Hold Nickar, Teutonic God of the Winter Solstice.

15.15 Gimme Shelter

  • When Jack addresses himself as FBI, he holds his badge upside-down much like Castiel did in previous seasons and Charlie on one occasion in 8.20 Pac-Man Fever.
  • The picture of himself that Castiel uses to summon the crossroads demon Zack was an image of him from 13.06 Tombstone.
  • Amara meeting with Sam and Dean in the restaurant in Pennsylvania to discuss her joining the team to fight against Chuck is reminiscent of when Castiel met with Metatron in 8.22 Clip Show at Eugenie's Bistro in Ojai, California, to discuss their plan to undergo the trials to supposedly seal the gates of Heaven.
  • Amara explains that she revived Mary in 11.23 Alpha and Omega hoping that Dean would understand that, despite how complicated she was, the real Mary was better than the one he always carried in his mind since she was real. She'd hoped her generous act would teach him that the present is always better than the past, as well as wishing it would extinguish Dean's lifelong rage over his complicated past resulting from his mother's initial death at the hands of Azazel in 1.01 Pilot.
  • Castiel reattaches Valerie's severed fingers as he did for Kevin Tran off-screen in 8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin.

15.16 Drag Me Away (From You)

  • In 1993, Dean makes a reference to Sam's imaginary friend, Sully, from 11.08 Just My Imagination.
  • The image of the Shtriga from 1.18 Something Wicked and among John's research in 1.21 Salvation could be seen as Sam looks through the lore.
  • Dean sees a hallucination of his younger self in the hotel hallway. Sam previously saw a hallucination of his younger self while detoxing from demon blood in Bobby's Panic Room in 4.21 When the Levee Breaks.
  • When Dean is put in a hallucination of Baba Yaga's nest, he sees a young version of Sam dead. He had a similar vision of an adult Sam dead in the Soul Eater nest in 11.16 Safe House.
  • When Dean reveals Jack's plan to kill Chuck and Amara at the cost of his life, Sam berates Dean for keeping it from him, saying he thought they were past keeping secrets from each other. Sam and Dean (and other major characters) have hidden major secrets from each other throughout the progression of the series:
    • In Season 4, Sam hid the truth about feeding on demon blood as he was trying to get strong enough to kill Lilith.
    • In Season 6, Castiel hid his alliance with Crowley from Bobby and the Winchesters while they planned to steal the souls of Purgatory so Castiel could kill Raphael to keep him from restarting the Apocalypse and so Crowley could secure his blossoming position as the new King of Hell.
    • In Season 7, Dean killed the kitsune Amy Pond and kept it from Sam, even after knowing she saved his life.
    • In Season 8, Dean tricked Sam into going to Kermit, Texas, to supposedly save Amelia Richardson, to keep him and Martin Creaser out of the way while he and Benny hunted the rogue vampire Desmond.
    • In Season 9, Dean tricked Sam into giving his consent to Gadreel to possess him to save his life after failing to complete the trials.
    • In Season 10, Sam pretended to burn the Book of the Damned and worked with Rowena, Castiel, Charlie, and Crowley to translate it and remove the Mark of Cain from Dean's arm.
    • In Season 11, Castiel allowed Lucifer to possess him to escape from the Cage to aid in the fight against Amara.
    • In Season 12, after Sam uses the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator to exorcise Lucifer out of President Jefferson Rooney and supposedly send him back to the Cage, Crowley secretly altered Rowena's spell to send him to the Needham Asylum instead, where he had prepared his original vessel Nick to contain Lucifer's essence. He used runes and spellwork from the Cage carved into every molecule to effectively torture the fallen archangel, planning to use him as "[his] own personal nuke" to prevent any other demon from usurping the throne.

15.17 Unity

  • Amara references her first meeting with Dean in 11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, when she tells Dean they will always help each other.
  • Adam corrects Dean that the forbidden fruit was a quince and not an apple, similar to when Crowley corrected Castiel in 10.23 Brother's Keeper.
  • Adam said that Chuck used his sons, Cain and Abel, as part of one of his first stories, which was explained in Season 9. When Lucifer planned to make Abel into his pet, Cain offered a deal where Abel would go to Heaven and he would go to Hell. Lucifer accepted as long as Cain killed Abel, giving him the Mark. Once Cain killed Abel, he committed suicide with the First Blade to keep himself from becoming the killer the Mark wanted him to be, but the Mark corrupted Cain's soul and revived him as the first Knight of Hell.

15.18 Despair

15.19 Inherit the Earth

15.20 Carry On

  • The Winchesters once again use information in John's Journal to help them solve a case much as they often did in the earlier seasons.
  • Sam uses dead man's blood bullets, which is one of the specialty bullets used by hunters over the years.
  • While hunting the vampires, Sam and Dean encounter and kill Jenny from the Winchester brothers' very first vampire hunt in 1.20 Dead Man's Blood. Jenny was a young woman who was turned into a vampire by Kate after her lover Luther lets his nest kill and feed on Jenny's boyfriend. She and Kate escaped together after John Winchester killed Luther with the Colt. Dean comments on their history to the other vampires.
  • The vampire fight occurs in a barn much as the Winchesters' first fight with Luther and his nest did.
  • Dean's death also mirrors Sam's first death from 2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two as both brothers are stabbed in the back, with the other brother seeing blood on their hands from the wound and declaring they would find a way to save the other. Dean also tells Sam, "Come here. Let me look at you" during both death scenes.
  • Sam and Dean's exchange as Dean is dying is verbatim from 1.01 Pilot, when Dean asked for Sam's help in finding their father. Dean even mentions when he picked up Sam to find John after dispatching Constance Welch the Woman in White. He admits he waited by Sam's dorm room for hours wondering if Sam would either tell him to get lost or die or what he would've done if he didn't have his little brother.
  • Dean and Bobby meet in Heaven outside of Harvelle's Roadhouse where they share a beer. Before the Winchesters burned his flask in 7.23 Survival of the Fittest, Bobby expressed hope to see them again in Heaven after they die. In addition, in 7.19 Of Grave Importance, after learning that Bobby stuck around as a ghost, Dean commented that Bobby could be in Heaven drinking beer at Harvelle's instead.
  • Dean mentions Bobby being locked up in Heaven's prison for helping Sam and Castiel free Metatron from Heaven's Dungeon in 10.17 Inside Man, though Bobby tells him that Jack released him.
  • Bobby mentions that Rufus Turner is in Heaven as well as John and Mary Winchester.
  • Bobby explained that Jack brought Castiel back from the Empty and they made reparations to Heaven, no longer isolating each individual soul in their memories as was seen in previous seasons, but tearing down the walls and making Heaven into a more peaceful version of Earth.
  • The Impala in Heaven has the original Kansas license plates KAZ 2Y5 from 1.01 Pilot to 2.19 Folsom Prison Blues before they were replaced with Ohio plates CNK 80Q3 in 2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be after escaping from prison in Little Rock, Arkansas, following a ghost case.
  • Amongst the pictures in Sam's house are many seen in previous seasons. The biggest is a picture of the entire Winchester family from 14.13 Lebanon.
  • Sam left the Impala in his garage under a tarp. Dean did the same thing while he was living with Lisa and Ben Braeden in 6.01 Exile on Main St. and 6.02 Two and a Half Men after he retires from hunting for a year when they stopped the Apocalypse.
  • Dean Winchester II has an anti-possession tattoo on his arm.
  • Dean's death and Sam's life after it are an echo of what Dean told Sam in 8.14 Trial and Error, where Dean tells Sam he will live a long life into old age with children and grandchildren.
  • Sam dies of old age in the distant future, echoing what Dean said to Sam in 8.16 Remember the Titans after Prometheus's funeral pyre, that Sam is going to live a long life and will one day die of something normal like a heart attack rather than supernatural causes.
  • Much like Castiel told Dean he can find Sam by following the road in Heaven in 5.16 Dark Side of the Moon, upon arriving in Heaven in 15.20 Carry On, the first thing Dean does is drive until he meets up with Sam.

Meta References

Detail of Becky's Supernatural merchandise
  • The name on the crypt that Sam, Dean, and Castiel take refuge in is "Carver," a reference to previous Supernatural writer and showrunner, Jeremy Carver.[5]
  • In 15.04 Atomic Monsters, we find Becky is still a Supernatural fan, writing fanfic and making miniatures. The Supernatural merchandise in Becky's house was a combination of commercial Supernatural merchandise, items made by fans, and some things made for the show. The plaid quilt and other sewn items were made by Stef, aka @arachnobite, who also made Jensen's Red Hood and Batman costumes. A carved Supernatural-themed chess set in the living room was gifted to Jared at EyeCon in September 2008 by by Sandra Echeverri (@Sanpao19).
  • Becky's notes about Chuck's new manuscript can be seen as a meta commentary on the episode itself. Many of her notes such as there being no classic rock and neither Sam nor Dean mentioning Castiel and a cornered Sam and Dean listening to the "villain's" monologue happen in the episode. Her claims that the story has low stakes cause Chuck to write a new dark ending, which is mirrored in the episode when he disintegrates Becky and her husband. Throughout the series, there have been multiple episodes which tackle meta nods of several kinds.
  • In 15.07 Last Call, Lee Webb quips that Dean can't just lip-sync to "Eye of the Tiger" when no one's watching. This is a reference to the Jensen Sings outtake for 4.06 Yellow Fever where Jensen Ackles lip-syncs to "Eye of the Tiger."
  • In 15.10 The Heroes' Journey, the Winchesters and Garth talk about how Sam and Dean are the heroes of the story while Garth is just a special guest star or a recurring character and not a main hero. Garth says he's fine with that, as he believes being the hero sucks because their lives are hellish until they win, which they always do eventually.
  • In 15.12 Galaxy Brain, while preparing to destroy all of the alternate universes, God say He needs less of the "failed spinoffs." The Bad Place was an alternate universe created for the Wayward Sisters spin-off and is destroyed in the episode. Another planned spin-off was Supernatural: Bloodlines. Supernatural had aired one spin-off, the Ghostfacers Web Series, which only lasted one season.
  • The similarity in the events of 15.20 Carry On to 3.11 Mystery Spot is a possible nod to Jared Padalecki mentioning the team's consideration to end the show at Season 3. In the Nerd HQ at Comic Con 2011, he cited 3.11 Mystery Spot as a possible series finale (along with a possible movie) due to the Writers Guild of America Strike back in 2007-2008 since it was the last episode made before the strike.