Scott Freeman

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Scott freeman.jpg
Name Scott Freeman
Actor Darcy Belsher
Episode(s) 7.16 Out with the Old


Scott Freeman inherits his mother's antique shop, Out with the Old. His mother kept a safe filled with cursed objects. George thinks she had recently sold the shop to his real estate agent Joyce Bicklebee, and then was killed in a car accident. In reality, Joyce Bicklebee signed the sale paperwork for her, and made her death look like an accident.


7.16 Out with the Old

Scott starts selling the contents of the shop, including the contents of a safe, which turns out to be full of curse boxes containing cursed objects.

When Leviathan minion George tracks the Winchesters to the shop, he and boss Joyce Bicklebee tie up Scott. When George points out another death in the town might be suspicious, Joyce suggests George take Scott's place for the next 30 years. Eventually Sam and Dean, with some help from George, rescue Scott. They tell him to leave town, and start a new life.