Scott Carey

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Name Scott Carey
Actor Richard de Klerk
Dates 1983 - 2007 (killed by Gordon Walker)
Power Electrifying touch (Electrokinesis)
Nursery fire Yes
Episodes 2.10 Hunted


Scott is one of the Special Children. Scott's power is to electrify anything he touches at will.


2.10 Hunted

Scott tells a psychiatrist that he was visited in his dreams by a yellow-eyed man who incited him to kill the neighbor's cat. He goes on to say that the yellow-eyed man doesn't want him to stop there, possibly hinting that he had been ordered to progress to killing humans.

Scott is killed by Gordon Walker, who was on a mission to kill all the Special Children after he found out they were to play a role on the side of evil in the coming war. While investigating Scott's death, Sam finds a collage composed of pictures of yellow eyes in Scott's closet.