Scarecrow (Fan Fiction)

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Powers and Abilities Strength, can walk through walls, produce vines from his body for the purpose of capturing victims
Vulnerabilities Destroyed when Calliope is killed
Appearance Large humanoid scarecrow
Episode(s) 10.05 Fan Fiction


The Scarecrow is an agent of Calliope, who is used to protect Marie/the show, ensuring that nothing happens and that is goes on as planned. The Scarecrow achieves this by abducting people, it feels to be threats. Unlike the rest of the Supernatural musical, the Scarecrow is not based on the version from the books, but rather a local legend that scared Marie as a kid; in it there was this old creepy scarecrow, on an abandoned farm, outside of town. Kids would believe that if you were caught by it, it would take you away.


Powers and Abilities

  • Super strength
  • Can walk through walls
  • Can produce vines from his body for the purpose of capturing victims.



10.05 Fan Fiction


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