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When Sam is taken over by Ezekiel, the change is visualized by Sam's eyes glowing white.

Sazekiel refers to the angel Ezekiel when he is possessing Sam. It is a portmanteau made up of the two character names. Also used are Sam!Ezekiel and the alternate spelling Sezekiel.

It arose in fandom after 9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here when in order to save Sam who is dying after undertaking the trials, Dean helps the angel Ezekiel possess Sam, ostensibly in order to heal him. Sam is unaware of this, however Ezekiel can at times take over Sam, act through him and converse with Dean. After it was revealed that Ezekiel was actually Gadreel, fans have also used Sadreel. A similar mash-up form - Samifer - was used when Lucifer possessed Sam in 5.04 The End.