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Sarah Blake.jpg
Name Sarah Blake
Actor Taylor Cole
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by Crowley)
Location New Paltz, New York
Occupation Art Dealer
Episode(s) 1.19 Provenance
8.22 Clip Show

Look, I know losing somebody you love -- it's terrible. You shut yourself off. Believe me, I know. But when you shut out pain, you shut out everything else too.

– Sarah Blake, 1.19 Provenance


Sarah is an art dealer who works at the auction house owned by her father Daniel Blake in New Paltz, New York. Her mother died in 2005. She later got married to a Search and Rescue worker named Ian and had a daughter named Bess, who was a year old when Sarah died.


1.19 Provenance

Sam and Dean are searching for a painting that may be associated with some deaths. When they turn up at the auction house where the painting is, the owner Daniel Blake tries to get them to leave. They speak to his daughter, Sarah Blake, who also works at the auction house and who confirms that the painting is being auctioned. Before she can tell them anymore, her father asks the boys to leave.

Dean thinks Sarah showed some interest in Sam, and suggests he take her on date in order to get more information. Over dinner, Sarah reveals she hasn’t been on a date since her mother died unexpectedly a year ago. Sarah gets Sam copies of the provenances of the items of the Telesca house where the most recent murder occurred. Dean finds that a portrait of Isaiah Merchant’s family painted in 1910 was also owned by the other families that had been killed.

After dark, Sam and Dean return to the auction house and burn the painting. The next day, Dean pretends that he has dropped his wallet at the auction house, purely so Sam can see Sarah again. When they get there they are shocked to find the painting is still there and unharmed. At the local library, they find out that Isaiah Merchant was accused of killing his wife, two sons, and adopted daughter.

Sarah, Sam and Dean burn the bones of Isaiah Merchant.

Back at the motel Sam notices that in a picture of the painting in an old book, Isaiah is staring straight ahead, and in the painting now, he is looking down to the right. Dean also encourages Sam to pursue Sarah, but Sam is reluctant. He calls Sarah to see if they can view the painting again, only to find it has been sold to a friend of Sarah’s named Evelyn. The boys rush to the house just as Sarah arrives, but they find Evelyn already dead, her throat slashed.

After alerting the police, Sarah and the boys return to the motel room, where they explain to her that the picture is haunted. Despite being scared, Sarah resolves to help them. Back at Evelyn’s house they examine the painting and notice more features in the painting have changed, amongst other things there is now a mausoleum in the picture with the name Merchant on it. They track down the mausoleum, where all of the family cremated remains are housed, however Isaiah Merchant is not interred there. Dean finds that Isaiah was buried in a pauper’s grave and goes to salt and burn the corpse.

Later, the three of them return to burn the painting as a precaution, but Sam and Sarah get trapped inside Evelyn’s house and are attacked by the spirit of Melanie Merchant, who had been responsible for the murders all along. Dean returns to the mausoleum and burns an antique doll which bears some of Melanie Merchant’s hair. This finally dispels her spirit.

Sarah is killed by Crowley via hex bag.

Back at the auction house, Sarah orders the painting burned and says farewell to Sam and Dean. As they are about to leave, Sam returns and kisses Sarah goodbye.

8.22 Clip Show

When Crowley threatens to kills Sarah, Dean and Sam arrive to protect her—she's staying in room 116 of the Ivy motel in Indianapolis. While Dean demon-proofs the place, Sam catches up with Sarah and finds out that she is married and has a daughter. Crowley calls a few seconds before the deadline and starts to count down to Sarah's planned death which prompts the boys and Sarah to arm themselves and readily wait for Crowley to appear. After Crowley finishes counting, Sarah suddenly collapses and starts to choke to death. Sam, realizing that Crowley is using a spell that involves a hex bag, starts to hurriedly search for it to no avail. Sarah then dies and Dean throws the phone against a wall in anger which causes it to break apart and reveal the hex bag was in the phone all along.

12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On

While Sam is being put through a drug-induced mental torture by Lady Antonia Bevell in hopes of "breaking" him, Sam sees visions of people who have died over the years, including that of Sarah's death.

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