Sam and Dean Winchester (HunterCorp)

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Name Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester
Actor Jared Padalecki
Jensen Ackles
Dates May 2, 1983 (Sam)
January 24, 1979 (Dean)
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation Hunters
Episode(s) 15.13 Destiny's Child

Dean: I gotta tell you Sammy, this Sam and Dean, you know, sure they're simple, but they've got this place of their own. There's no quarterly reports, there's no investor calls, there's just -- there's nothing to do but hunt monsters, drink beer, and watch porn.

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: They got it made.

– Sam and Dean Winchester (HunterCorp), 15.13 Destiny's Child


These versions of Sam and Dean Winchester are doppelgängers from an alternate universe where the Winchester family had been able to monetize hunting, creating a company known as HunterCorp that John Winchester built up from scratch, making their hunting a worldwide operation. Unlike Sam and Dean, the HunterCorp Winchester brothers never lost their father, who spoiled them and was revered by his sons as the "best guy ever."

When Chuck began destroying the other universes, Sam, Dean, and John were able to create a rift that brought them to the Men of Letters Bunker, however while John went through the rift with Sam and Dean, he did not arrive in the Bunker with them.

Sam and Dean make it through the rift in their Fiat 500.


Sam and Dean of the HunterCorp Universe have an effete air to them, due to having been spoiled and pampered by their John Winchester. They like to dress in expensive designer clothes. Sam prefers to wear his hair in a man bun, and deems his hair "sacred" and refuses to get rid of the look, becoming offended at the mere suggestion from Sam to change his hair. Rather than drive a '67 Chevy Impala, they first enter Sam and Dean's universe in Fiat 500 which is playing "I Want You" by Savage Garden, indicating that this Dean does not care for classic rock like his counterpart. However, both express a fondness for the Impala after finding the car and taking her on a joyride. Double-Dean also asks about keeping the flannels that they were lent.

They prefer to drink private label scotch, and are not much for drinking beer. While Double-Sam showed a dislike for beer, Double-Dean appeared to not mind the taste.


15.13 Destiny's Child

While searching for any signs of Chuck, Sam and Dean are alerted to a strange noise in the Bunker. Noticing a strange light coming from the armory followed by music, they open the door to find their doubles stepping out of a Fiat 500 in front of a rift. After Sam and Dean fist bump each other that they made it, they are equally shocked to see another Sam and Dean standing in front of them. When the rift begins to pulsate, they realize something went wrong and disappear in a flash of light.

Before Sam and Dean can journey to Hell, Castiel alerts them to their doubles' predicament, showing the Winchesters that they appear to be trapped between dimensions due to passing through the rift as Chuck destroyed their world. After returning from Hell, Sam and Dean devise a method to pull their doubles into their world using a modified version of the rift-opening spell in the demon tablet, substituting archangel grace with a portion of Castiel's, which is successful in bringing them fully into the world.

Sam and Dean bring their doubles into the Bunker war room, and offer them beers. Double-Sam is disgusted by the taste, while Double-Dean doesn't appear to mind it. Double-Sam and Double-Dean explain on their world they make money from hunting through the company their father created, HunterCorp. Sam and Dean are surprised to learn that a John Winchester also went through the rift with their doubles, but has gone missing. After the pleasantries are out of the way, Sam and Dean are asked by Dean to be stand-ins for them in the Bunker, explaining that everything that has happened is due to God, and Sam and Dean need their doubles to pretend to be them in case God decides to look in on the Bunker.

With the Winchesters, Jack, and Castiel gone. Sam and Dean try to act as their counterparts, dressing in flannel and drinking beer, although they maintain their quirks. Dean is delighted to find pornography on a laptop, remarking to Sam how their father would never allow it in their old home, even threatening to take away their trust funds. This leads Dean to conclude that Sam and Dean have it made, since all they have to do is hunt monsters, drink beer, and watch porn.

Some time after Sam and Dean returned to the Bunker, Dean sees the two off. When the Double-Dean suggests that they all just live together in the Bunker, Dean turns him down, telling him they would be better off in Brazil, as well as refusing to let them keep any of their flannel. Before leaving, Sam and Dean tell Dean they saw the Impala. When Dean asks if they touched it, Sam tells them he drove in it, which visibly angers Dean, causing the doubles hastily leave the Bunker as Dean annoyingly yells "Have fun in Rio!"


  • The Fandom nickname for this pair is Richesters. Jensen has said he referred to them as the "Bizarro Sam and Dean", and imagined they'd be, "Internet café drinking oat milk & shopping at outlet malls."