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The Evolution of Sam's Hair by katiesworldorder

Sam's hair has been an object of fascination and debate for fans throughout the life of the show. His bangs disappeared in Season Two and are sadly missed. According to Jared, this was because Kripke wanted to show Sam as a more mature adult and considered bangs a more boyish hairstyle:[1]

Jared: They wanted Dean to have short hair, and Sam to have long hair, they really did, but the bangs on the forehead - I think they thought looked young. So they wanted [me] to look older.

Around Season Five, when his hair became longer and bigger, fans grew fond of his new shag. It has been a habit of Sam's to slick back his hair with gel when he's impersonating a priest or a law enforcement officer.

At Jus In Bello Italy 2011, Jensen commented on Sam's current flowing locks in Season Six:[2]

Jensen: Have I felt ashamed, because of, about Dean?
Fan: Dean, or another.

Jensen: I really just feel ashamed of, uh, of Sam. You know, I mean he’s... it’s like, cut the hair dude… you’re a hunter. It’s just getting in the way, you know? You don’t see military guys walking around with Justin Bieber hair, do you?

At Salute to Supernatural New Jersey 2011, Jared told fans that he hasn't had his hair cut by anyone but Jeannie Chow, the key hairstylist on Supernatural, since the pilot... other than himself and his brother, on one memorable occasion:[3]

Jared: My brother did it during the strike. He cut my skin. My brother's a surgeon, no less.

He also revealed that, if he had control over his current hairstyle, it would probably be longer.

Jared again reflected on Sam's hair styles at the Nerd HQ session at Comic Con 2011. When asked what his favorite hairstyle was, he said that he liked Season 1 because his bangs covered his large forehead (aka, his fivehead), and it was short.[4]

On his Season 7 style, Jared said in an interview on 6 September 2011 with Inside TV that "now that Sam’s older, they definitely style it more than let it be floppy and frumpy."

...back in season 1, I was just this 23-year-old kid but I was also 6′ 4”. I had the body of a man but a face of a boy, and they wanted me to be more a boy than a man. So they gave me the original Bieber look. Maybe Bieber stole it from me — the whole hair-in-the-eyes, “I think I’m too sexy” attitude.

Jared added "It’s taken on a life of its own. I think one day my hair and the Impala are going to have re-negotiations for season 7."

In Season 8, the CW released a promo for Supernatural that made fun of Sam's flowing locks.

Sam's hair in Season One, complete with bangs
Sam's hair gelled back in Season One
Sam's hair at the beginning of Season Two, shaggier and with bangs
Sam's hair at the end of Season Two, with his bangs mostly grown out
Sam's hair in Season Three, much the same as it was at the end of Season Two
Sam's hair in Season Four, with his bangs long enough to tuck behind his ears
Sam's hair at the end of Season Five, long and straighter
Sam's hair at the beginning of Season Six, bigger and without bangs
Sam's hair at the end of Season Six, flatter and longer in the back
Sam's hair mid-Season 7 = longer and parted in the middle
Sam's hair early Season 8 = longer flowing locks
Sam's ponytail in 8.11 LARP and the Real Girl
Sam's hair Season 9 - slightly shorter with a cute flick
Sam's hair Season 10 - slightly longer, shaped under

8.08 Hunteri Heroici

After Castiel said that he would stay in their room, Dean jokingly suggests they braid Sam's hair.

8.20 Pac-Man Fever

Dean asks Sam to give him five minutes with some clippers to cut his hair, but Sam tells him to shut up.

8.22 Clip Show

Sarah Blake tells Sam that she misses his old haircut.

12.03 The Foundry

Mary cuts her hair to get rid of the disadvantage of having long, pullable hair. Dean tells her that he has been saying the same thing to Sam.

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