Sam's Memory Box

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The box and its contents in 1.09 Home.
Sam's memory box in 11.11 Into the Mystic.

In 11.11 Into the Mystic, Dean remarks how great the retirement home they are visiting looks and jokingly suggests they make a reservation. Sam replies "We should be lucky to live long enough." However, at the end of the case, Sam takes a brochure for the home and places it in a wooden box.

The box and some of its contents, including the baseball and some photos, were found by Jenny, the woman who moved into the Winchester family home in Lawrence, Kansas in 2005. During the events of 1.09 Home, the Winchesters investigate and at it's conclusion Jenny gives them the box which had found in the basement.

Other contents of the box include:

Fan speculation on the boxes content:

  • There is a leather cord with something metallic on it - it could be Dean's Amulet.
  • The ring may either be Dean's Ring or maybe John Winchester's wedding ring.
  • The playing cards could be the ones used when Sam played cards with Patrick the witch for Dean's life.
  • A brown leather wallet
  • A small torch
  • A red jewelry or medal box