Sam's Blurry Wife

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In 15.20 Carry On, in the montage of Sam's life following Dean's death, we see him playing catch with his son, Dean. In the background, on the porch of the house, is a woman in a purple dress. Her features are too blurry to make out -- hence the name she was christened with.

In a private online meet and greet with Jared after a Creation Entertainment Virtual Fan Experience, a fan asked if this person was anyone specific. Jared apparently answered that no, this person's identity -- whom he referred to as Sam's wife or his child's co-parent -- was left open to fan interpretation. He reiterated this in an interview with Variety, adding that there was no version of the script that revealed who Sam's wife or co-parent was after he quit hunting:

“I think it was very, very purposely ambiguous and strangely I agreed with that,” he says. “I feel like a lot of what Sam did after Dean died was almost in honor of what Dean would have wanted, and Dean would not have wanted his little brother to marry Eileen, Ruby, someone in the life.”

The script specifically refers to this person as simply WOMAN with a note stating that we cannot make out her face.

Many fans were disappointed that this person was not Eileen Leahy, and showed an outpouring of love and support for Shoshannah Stern on her Twitter.

Sam's Blurry Wife
Artist impression of Sam's marriage by undesirableno394

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