Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2010

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Creation Entertainment are running a "Salute to Supernatural" convention in Chicago from October 8-10, 2010.

Guests include:

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Twitters to watch

The twitter hashtag for this Con is #chicon.

Guests with twitters are: Misha Collins on @mishacollins Mark Sheppard on @Mark_Sheppard Matt Cohen on @mattcohen4real A.J. Buckley on @AjohnBuckley Travis Wester on @westerspace Clif Kosterman on @bodyguard4JandJ

Aldis Hodge: Just busted my a** dancing in front of the entire supernatural convention. The things I do for the fans. See how I love yall! Source

Jason Manns: @mishacollins "behind the tweets" telling @bodyguard4JandJ "cmon, show them a little tongue!" Lol. Source

Misha tweets: Misha: I'm in Chicago where I've been invited to judge a beauty contest. So far, this cutie is the frontrunner. Misha: Looks like this guy just took first place as #1 beauty:


Q&A with Matt Cohen, Misha, Jared and Jensen, Mark Shepherd panel, AJ and Travis panel, Clif Kostermann, Jared and Misha breakfast by yourlibrarian



Mark Sheppard



Richard Speight

Aldis Hodge

Fred Lehne

Matt Cohen

Jared and Misha Breakfast

Jared, and Misha panel with Jensen