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The very first Salt ‘n’ Burn Convention will be held on 24-26 October 2014 in Liverpool, England.

The event is being run by Fandom Events Management (F.E.M)

NOTE: EVENT CANCELLED ON 23RD SEPTEMBER 2014. Notice of cancellation.

About F.E.M


Fandom Events Management (F.E.M) is a fan convention company for fans by fans.

As fans themselves, they believe they have the knowledge to have created an event that focuses on the fan experience.

The extra ways that they have tried to increase the fan experience are:

  • limiting photo ops, so that you will get more time with the guests and there will be less queuing.
  • online payment through card or paypal
  • deposits to secure tickets
  • unique venue
  • large choice of accommodation nearby.

Confirmed Guests

Rick Worthy (Alpha Vamp)
Tyler Johnston (Samandriel)
  • Tyler Johnston


  • Star Talks
  • Autograph Sessions
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Evening Entertainment:

Friday night

On Friday there will be a Vampire ball, lead by the Alpha Vampire (Rick Worthy) and his consort, plus:

  • Swooping bats – that’s acrobats!
  • Aerial circus troop Black & Blue dancing over your heads with their amazing rope and trapeze work.
  • Dancing!
  • Costume contest before the stroke of 12!

Saturday Night

On Saturday night there will be a circus theme, including:

  • Aerial circus
  • Fire eaters
  • Clowns?
  • Circus fancy dress


The Black-E is situated in Liverpool’s city centre, and is a grade 2 listed building (exterior only). It is the heart of Liverpool’s outlying communities and used for many art projects.

Its Gothic appearance is authentic; originally constructed as a church in 1841 and luckily survived the blitz of World War II.

Its grand main floor has great windows and features two balconies. Its three story size makes it perfect for circus training classes and magnificent events. They plan to make the best use of the venue, giving fans something spectacular to take with them.