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Susan with Jared and Jensen during a set visit in September 2011

S.E. (Susan) Hinton is a famous American author, best known for her novel The Outsiders. Published in 1967, the book about teenage social status, cliques and coming of age is considered a classic of American literature. It was made into a movie in 1983 directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

Hinton is a fan of Supernatural, as reported here when a Buddy TV reporter visited the set on September 9, 2008:

Another pleasant surprise was that S.E. Hinton, the author of The Outsiders and Rumble Fish, was hanging out with the boys as well. She is a huge Supernatural fan and asked Eric Kripke one day if she could pay a visit to the set, so he invited her out to Vancouver for a couple of days. She told me that she got into the show because she has an interest in paranormal stories, but then just fell in love with it because of the excellent stories and the mix of humor, drama and thrills and chills. Imagine having a fan girl moment with a world-famous novelist!

In September 2011 she made her fourth visit to the set of Supernatural, and this time she was in front of the camera, playing a woman who is killed in a dinner in episode 7.06 Slash Fiction.

Susan also writes fanfic. On December 9, 2011 she tweeted :"Took one of my SPN fanfics to read in writing group today. It was a big hit, tho no one else watches the show. My fanfics are nothing special, mostly just slice o life stuff with no plot, but it's fun. Eric likes them."[1][2].

In April 2012, Susan visited the set for the fifth time during the filming of 7.22 Unaired Episode. As she promised her Twitter followers, she passed on a hug from the fans to Jared and Jensen Source.

Susan tweeted "New PA called cops to drag unknown fan from set. "I belong here! she screamed "That's my chair!"
S.E.Hinton under fire from Leviathan!Sam
Susan tweeted "A few minutes after this photo was taken, J2 got so frustrated with Angry Birds they jumped up and shot everyone

Hinton references in Supernatural

Sam learning the classics

Socs and Greasers are rival groups, divided by socioeconomic status, The Outsiders.

  • Hinton confirmed that there was a copy of The Outsiders at Bobby's place - amongst many Jackie Collins novels! [3][4]