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Name Roger
Actor Giovanni Mocibob
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Springdale, Washington
Occupation Busboy
Episode(s) 9.15 #THINMAN


Roger was a busboy at Johnny's Apple Country Diner in Springdale, Washington. After years of feeling unnoticed in his small, he meets Deputy Tom Norwood in an empty bar where they strike up a friendship over there shared interest in conspiracy-theories. Together they came across the legend of Thinman, and began posting on forums, however blogging was not enough for them and decided make Thinman a reality -- with Roger as the killer and Deputy Norwood as the "visionary" of the team. Roger racked up a body count of three people before Sam, Dean, Harry and Ed were able to put a stop to them.



Roger's first victim Casey Miles was murdered out of pure spite by Roger, because she would not go out with him, his second victim was his boss at the diner -- Trey -- who he murdered because he thought he was a dick, his last victim was the town sheriff. Harry Spangler nearly became his fourth victim, when against Ed's advice decided to go and hunt down Thinman in the woods behind the grocery store. Harry's encounter with Roger/Thinman was brief, while Roger was able to slash him in his abdomen, Harry reacted instantly by kicking him in the groin and running away.

When Sam and Dean get too close to discovering Roger as Thinman, Deputy Norwood lures them to the local mill under the pretenses of finding the location of the man pretending to be Thinman, and knocks them out with a taser. As Deputy Norwood is preparing the scene to shoot a new Thinman video, Roger reveals himself as Thinman to Sam and Dean. Just as Roger is about to slit the throat of Dean, Harry and Ed show up to try and make things right, however they are quickly capture. When Roger and Deputy Norwood bring them back to the shooting area, Sam and Dean have freed themselves from their restraint and a fight ensues. As Dean struggles with Roger, Dean is soon able to get control of Roger's arm and slowly forces the knife into a terrified Roger, killing him.