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Name Rod
Actor Mike Wasko
Location Houston, Texas
Episode(s) 8.23 Sacrifice


Rod is a frequent customer of Doc Marley's Cocktails bar in Houston, Texas.


8.23 Sacrifice

As Rod is enjoying a beer in Doc Marley's Cocktails bar, a deliverywoman named Gail enters the bar with a supposed delivery. The bartender, Dwight Charles, signs for the delivery and introduces Gail to Rod, telling her that he's "here most days". Unbeknownst to Rod and Dwight, Gail is actually a Cupid. She places her hand on both their shoulders—her bow is on her hand—and smiles before leaving.

Rod and Dwight begin watching the T.V. on the wall which features a man demonstrating how to use a bow. They both comment "Damn, that's sweet" at the same time before their eyes meet in a moment of realization that they're in love. Dwight flirtatiously tells Rod that his next drink is on him.