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When I joined the show and watched the first six seasons I was shocked at how emotional the story was and how I related it to emotionally. I’m a big nerd. I came for the monsters, but I stayed for the drama. So it’s certainly a challenge to come up with a new take on a monster, but with these two characters as portrayed by these two actors it’s an endless well to draw from.

– Robbie Thompson, Source

Robbie Thompson started work on Supernatural in season seven. He has previously worked on the series Jericho and Human Target, as well as the comic series for Human Target along with Peter Johnson.

Robbie wrote the 200th episode 10.05 Fan Fiction, including the lyrics for the songs. They can be purchased here.

Writer of

Working in TV has all just been an elaborate plan to get into comics! Thanks to my older brother Michael, I’ve been a life-long comic book fan, and I’m very passionate about the medium. I love stories that are told visually, and comics are such a unique and beautiful art-form.

– Robbie Thompson, Source

Robbie Thompson's entry into the Marvel universe began with the steampunk inspired Lady Spider, a short story in the Spider-Verse #1 anthology.

His other titles for Marvel are:

Other projects

On May 2014 it was announced that Thompson also had a project in development with TNT based on Stephen King's Firestarter. It is produced by James Middleton (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Jaime Paglia (Eureka) and Thompson.

The drama centers on the insidious agency responsible for kidnapping and attempting to exploit the psychokinetic powers of a young girl named Charlie McGee in the original story. Now it’s 20 years later and Charlie has been tracked down by one of The Shop’s former members, Henry Talbot, who introduces her to a group of people with their own unique abilities. source From the announcement: “It turns out The Shop is very much alive, bigger and badder than ever, and its dark experiments are unleashing terrifying new entities on the world. It’s now up to Talbot, Charlie and the rest of the team to find The Shop and destroy it for good.”

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