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A Louden Swain group hug, featuring Misha Collins and Richard Speight Jr.

Robert Patrick Benedict

Rob Benedict plays the author and prophet Chuck Shurley, who was confirmed by Rob to be God at the Jus In Bello Italy convention in 2011, a popular fan theory which was later proven to be canon in the episode 11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley.

Louden Swain

Rob also fronts an Indie Rock band called Louden Swain for which he provides the lead vocals, plays guitar, and writes lyrics. This four piece band has also become a highlight and memorable attraction at the Supernatural Conventions and are also known as 'Elastic Waste Band' to many fans who are familiar with the Supernatural Convention's activities.

The Sidekick

Rob Benedict's comedic short film The Sidekick was released on July 18, 2013 via iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon, and Hulu. Watch a trailer here.

Rob's Role in Supernatural conventions

Rob has always been a fan favorite for his role as Chuck Shurley, which is why he's been invited to – and attended – many cons over the years. His role has grown from merely a guest to having major stage presence. This rings especially true for Creation Entertainment events. He takes on everything from comedy sidekick to host Richard Speight Jr, to bandleader for Louden Swain's full length rock show. At any given convention Rob can be found doing the following:

  • Listed on Creation Entertainment's site as “Rich's Comedy Cohort and Bandleader for Louden Swain” Rob helps open the show each day, running through Rules & Regulations in an often comedic and musical fashion.
  • Front man for the House band – Rob and the Louden Swain guys welcome and play out each guest, frequently exchanging stories and jokes with them.
  • On Stage Guest – Rob has his own panel as well a shared panel with fellow con-regulars, and crowd favorites, Richard Speight Jr. & Matt Cohen. This is where stories are told (and made!), laughs are had, and Q & A sessions are lined up.
  • Karaoke Kings featured guest – Rob is a karaoke regular. He always gets the crowd dancing with a familiar tune! He also usually shows up in costume for whatever theme Rich & Matt have decided on before hand. Karaoke is a MUST for any Rob fan.
  • Saturday Night Special – Rob is the bandleader for Louden Swain. The SNS is a full length concert featured after the day's events. The band runs through their own tracks, fan favorites, and a massive collection of cover songs. They often have a few friends stop by to sing along.

This is all in addition to autograph sessions and multiple photo op choices. As you can see, Rob is one of the hardest working guys in the con circuit. But what makes Rob special is the energy he brings – to the stage and in every interaction with guests, volunteers, and fans alike. He helps amplify the community feeling in the Supernatural fandom. As much as it felt right to have him narrate the 10th Anniversary Retrospective, it feels right to have him involved in every aspect of these conventions. He seems to have a lot of fun doing them, and we certainly appreciate his hard work.

Rob's Stroke

In October of 2013 Rob suffered a stroke at a Toronto Supernatural convention. In the afternoon on Sunday Rob began having trouble speaking. It came and went, so both he and (friend and convention host) Richard Speight Jr. laughed it off, assuming it was con fatigue. Rob went ahead with his Q & A and autographs, but the speech issues returned. He finished his line but was feeling like he “...was having a panic attack.” Phone calls were made and a trip to the hospital was decided on.

Upon arriving at the hospital Rob had a CAT scan. Rob was informed he was having a stroke and they needed to act quickly. Rob's carotid artery had split, causing a blood clot in his brain which lead to aphasia. The doctors gave him a clot busting shot in the emergency room. He spent the next 10 days in the hospital in Canada and took off the rest of the year to focus on speech therapy.

Optimistically, Rob says he looks back on his recovery time well, appreciating how “in the moment” his time was. He refers to life “before the stroke and after the stroke” admitting life is never going to be the same, but he is always excited for what's to come. He speaks with love about the support from his family, friends, and the Supernatural family.

If you would like to get the story in Rob's words you can read SuperWiki's interview with Rob, you can hear Rob speak candidly about his experience on Discover the Road and on Supernatural: The Crossroads, and you can watch him tell his story at BurCon, at TorCon, and on One Question Interviews.

Kings Of Con

Rob recently announced that he is working on a web series, titled Kings of Con, with Richard Speight Jr. that will take a comedic look at the convention world. Rob and Rich are writing and starring in the series. They describe their roles as “caricatures” of themselves. They are using crowdfund site, Indiegogo to help raise production funds. Initially they are working on a 10 episode run. You can get more information and donate to their endeavor here. And follow the series on Twitter.


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