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Name Ritchie
Actor Jamie Schwanebeck
Location Lawrence, Kansas
Episode(s) 1.09 Home


Ritchie is Jenny’s son and little brother to Sari.


1.09 Home

As Ritchie is playing in his play pen, Jenny sets out momentarily. While Ritchie is alone in the kitchen, one of the screws on his playpen mysteriously comes out of place. One of the playpen’s sides falls to the floor. At the same time, the safety latch on the door of the refrigerator comes undone. The refrigerator opens. Curious, Ritchie walks over to it. Inside, he sees his sippy cup full of juice. He climbs into the refrigerator and sits on one of the shelves. Suddenly, the refrigerator door closes and the safety latch locks into place. When Jenny returns, she sees the playpen is empty and frantically calls out for Ritchie, for which he calls "Mommy" from the refrigerator. She takes Ritchie out of the refrigerator and holds him in her arms. A few moments later, there is a knock on the door. She answers it and sees Sam, Dean and Missouri.

When it's revealed there is a poltergeist in the house, Sam and Dean offer to remove it with the help of Missouri Moseley. When the house cleansing turns out to not have worked, Sam and Dean return to the house. Dean goes after Jenny, while Sam goes for Sairie and Ritchie. After getting Richie, Sam goes to Sairie's bedroom, where she is screaming for help, he goes and picks her up in his other arm, telling the children not to look. Suddenly, an invisible force makes Sam fall to the floor. He slides backwards into another room, crashing into a table. Sairie screams and runs outside with Ritchie in her arms.