Rit Zien

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Rit Zien
Powers and Abilities
Appearance Varies; Can appear as a blinding white light or blue-ish white smoke when manifesting on earth outside of a vessel
Episode(s) 9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

On the battlefields of Heaven, there was a special class of angel, the Rit Zien. It's, uh, Enochian for 'Hands of Mercy.' They functioned like medics. They tended to the wounded. They healed those who could be healed, but for the mortally wounded, those who were past saving, the Rit Zien's job was to put them down.

Castiel, 9.06 Heaven Can't Wait


Rit Zien are a special class of angel, their name translated from Enochian means "hands of mercy." The Rit Zien functioned much like field medics, they hone in on pain and would tend to the wounded and healed the angels strong enough to be healed on the fields of battle. In the case of those who were mortally wounded and beyond saving, the Rit Zien would put them down, their way of smiting was, according to Castiel "so quick and so total that it rendered death virtually painless."


A pink glow emanates from the angel Ephraim's hand as he prepares to smite a human.

Powers and abilities

  • Celestial radar – The Rit Zien are capable of honing in on pain to find their "patients" or victims. Both angelic and human.
  • Healing – Rit Zien were the "field medics" of the angels, who would heal those on the battlefield that they could, and kill those that were beyond saving.
  • Smiting – Rit Zien have a special way of smiting that renders death painless. Unlike the standard white light from regular angels, Rit Zien produce a pink glow that also obliterates the body, leaving only pink fluid behind.


  • Angel banishing sigil – Rit Zien could be banished with a sigil drawn in blood.
  • Angel blade – Like all angels, Rit Zien could be killed with an angel blade.


9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

A Rit Zien named Ephraim was planning to "wash the world clean of all suffering." He possessed a man through videos posted by Reverend Buddy Boyle, Bartholomew's human ally. He targeted people who were emotionally distraught. Ephraim even found Cas by following the sound of his pain. Cas tried to send him back to Heaven, but Ephraim stopped him before he completed the angel banishing sigil. Dean came in and tried to stop him from killing Cas, but he was flung across the room. He was ready to smite Cas before Dean slides an angel blade to Cas who, in turn, kills Ephraim.