Richard Greenstreet

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Name Richard Greenstreet
Actor Dominic Burgess
Location Seattle, Washington
Episode(s) 13.15 A Most Holy Man


Richard Greenstreet is an affluent man and collector of religious relics.


13.15 A Most Holy Man

Given his name by Margaret Astor, Sam and Dean Winchester pay a visit to Greenstreet under the identities of Sam and Dean Vaughn of Rhode Island, looking to acquire the blood of a saint. Greenstreet is able to see past Sam and Dean's charade and initially dismisses them. As they leave, however, Greenstreet offers them a deal: if the Winchesters retrieve the skull of St. Peter, he will give them the blood of St. Ignatius.

Greenstreet later arrives at a warehouse where Maragaret Astor plans to auction off the skull. Santino Scarpatti and Sam Winchester each place their bids, with Santino seemingly winning with a bid of $3 million. When Mr. Cromarty reveals Greenstreet has bid nothing, Greenstreet instead makes him an offer of $1 million to kill Margaret Astor and give him the skull. Cromarty takes the deal, and as a fire fight ensues between all parties, Greenstreet cowers in fear as everyone around him is killed. When the smoke clears, Greenstreet is confronted by Dean, Sam, and Father Lucca Camilleri who want the blood of St. Ignatius. When Greenstreet tells them he lied about having the blood, he is knocked unconscious and later taken away in custody by the Seattle police, proclaiming his innocence all the while.