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Name Raul
Actor Michael Antonakos
Dates  ???? – 2014 (killed by Rowena)
Occupation Demon
Episode(s) 10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls


Raul was a demon, who along with Gerald opened a brothel as a means of collecting souls. After the war with Abaddon, soul deals were down and they decided to take a different approach, entering the sex trade.


10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

Raul is chasing down one of his girls, Tiana, who is attempting to escape. When he finally catches her, Tiana apologizes and begs him not to hurt her. Raul doesn't accept her apology, and tells her he needs to make an example of her for the other girls. As Raul gets closer to her, Tiana takes the heel from her shoe and stabs him in the eye. However, it has no effect on Raul, as he reveals himself to her as a demon, and proceeds to break her neck.

When Gerald is arguing with Catlin about her not wearing the clothes Raul picked for her, Raul tells Gerald to not "leave any marks." At that moment, Rowena walks in through the door, and tosses him a hex bag that appears to liquefy and violently purge the demon from its meatsuit, killing him.