Racist Truck

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Racist Truck
Model 1962 Dodge Power Wagon
Color Black
Owner(s) Cyrus Dorian
Appearance(s) 1.13 Route 666

I miss conversations that didn’t start with 'this killer truck.'

Sam Winchester, 1.13 Route 666


After Cassie Robinson's mother left Cyrus Dorian for Martin Robinson, an enraged Cyrus committed a series of attacks on African-American men with his truck, which culminated in his burning down of the the church the Robinson's were to be married in, killing the children's choir. Cyrus then attacked Martin, however Martin was able get himself free and was able to beat Cyrus to death. Along with two of his friends, Clayton Solmes and Jimmy Anderson, they disposed of Cyrus' body and truck in a swamp.


1.13 Route 666

For over 40 years, Cyrus laid dormant in the swamp, until the day Harold Todd bulldozed the Dorian home inadvertently awakening his spirit and causing it to become restless and seek revenge using his phantom truck to kill those involved with his death. Cyrus and his truck succeeded in killing Martin Robinson, Clayton Solmes, Jimmy Anderson and Harold Todd and soon turned his sights on Cassie and her mother. Dean and Sam attempt to dispatch the racist truck by dragging it and its owner out of the lake and burning the body. When that did not put a stop to Dorian, Dean was forced to lead the ghost truck to the hallowed ground of an old church, where his spirit was finally dispatched. Incidentally, the hollowed ground has once been the church Cyrus had burned to the ground during his racist reign of terror.

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