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Production badges on the jacket of Assistant Director Gabe Correa

Each year pins are made for the crew of Supernatural. The last two years (for sure, possibly earlier ones as well) were made by Phil Sgriccia [1].

Here are pictures of them by Season:

Season 10

Spn season10 pin.jpg

Including the 200th episode pin. Designed by Phil Sgriccia [2]. "stamus contra malam" translates to "we stand against evil".

Season 9

Adam glass pins.jpg

Season 9 pin second from the right, seasons 6-8 on the left, 200th episode pin on the far right. Posted by Adam Glass on his twitter account. (Tweet here.)

Season 8

Spn season8 pin.jpg

Season 7

Spn season7 pin.jpg

Earlier Seasons

Spn seasons1-5 pin.jpg

Including the 100th episode pin on the left, a 'kick it in the ass' pin between seasons 1 and 2, and a pin on the right which looks like a Season 6 pin.