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Production badges on the jacket of Assistant Director Gabe Correa

Each year pins are made for the crew of Supernatural. The pins were designed by Phil Sgriccia [1].

Here are pictures of them by Season:

Season 11

Spn season11 pin.jpg

Season 10

Spn season10 pin.jpg

Including the 200th episode pin. Designed by Phil Sgriccia [2]. "stamus contra malam" translates to "we stand against evil".

Season 9

Adam glass pins.jpg

Season 9 pin second from the right, seasons 6-8 on the left, 200th episode pin on the far right. Posted by Adam Glass on his twitter account. (Tweet here.)

Season 8

Spn season8 pin.jpg

Season 7

Spn season7 pin.jpg

Earlier Seasons

Spn seasons1-5 pin.jpg

Including the 100th episode pin on the left, a 'kick it in the ass' pin between seasons 1 and 2, and a pin on the right which looks like a Season 6 pin.