Princes of Hell

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The Janitor Yellow Eyes.jpgRamiel.pngDagon.pngAsmodeus.jpg
Name Azazel
Actor Frederic Lehne
Jerry Trimble Jr.
Ali Ahn
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
Dates Azazel: ???? - 2007 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Ramiel: ???? - 2017 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Dagon: ???? - 2017 (killed by Castiel)
Location Earth
Occupation Generals of Hell's armies
Episode(s) 1.01 Pilot
1.21 Salvation
1.22 Devil's Trap
2.01 In My Time of Dying
2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One
2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two
4.03 In the Beginning
4.22 Lucifer Rising
12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)
12.13 Family Feud

Azazel was a fanatic. A true believer in Lucifer's 'Master Plan.' But the rest of us? Well, the truth is, we stopped caring a long time ago. Asmodeus has his hobbies. Dagon has her toys. We're happy where we are.

Ramiel, 12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)


The Princes of Hell were the first generation of demons created by the archangel Lucifer after the creation of Lilith[1] and before the Knights of Hell.[2] Crowley further stated that they were made prior to the sinking of Atlantis in ancient times, over 10,000 years ago. The Princes of Hell were Azazel, Ramiel, Asmodeus, and their sister Dagon.[1]

The Princes of Hell were trained to lead as generals of demon armies, but at some point in time Ramiel, Dagon, and Asmodeus abdicated their rank, no longer caring about Lucifer or Hell, and went to live quiet lives on Earth. [1] With Lilith locked away deep within Hell, Azazel became a tyrant keeping Hell in order in her absence and the absence of his siblings.

Described as a "fanatic" by Ramiel,[1] Azazel's iron fist control over Hell[3] ensured that Lucifer's master plan of escaping his Cage would come to fruition. On October 15, 1972, he was able to locate the mouth of the Cage beneath St. Mary's Convent in Ilchester, Maryland, and he used it to make contact with Lucifer after possessing the priest, sacrificing eight nuns, and using the head nun as a mouthpiece for Lucifer to communicate with him. Azazel told Lucifer about how he never stopped searching for him, stating how the other Princes had lost faith and calling them "dickless heathens." It was there where Lucifer told him to release Lilith who was "trapped neck deep in the pit" at the time so she can break the 66 Seals and to find him a very special child to do so. [4] Though Azazel succeeded, he was killed by Dean Winchester using the Colt in 2007.[5] During the demonic dispute over the new chain of command, [3] the remaining Princes did not appear to assume his role in leading his army, which eventually fell to the newly freed Lilith.[6]

With the deaths of Azazel and Lilith and with Lucifer having been defeated, Hell was left in a power vacuum and Crowley, acting as an emissary, paid a visit to Ramiel in 2011 to give him the Colt and the Lance of Michael as offerings to take control of Hell's throne. Ramiel declined, instead suggesting that Crowley is ambitious enough to take it, telling him he need not worry about the Princes coming after the throne. However, he held Crowley responsible for ensuring no one bothers himself or his siblings. Crowley was able to keep their deal for six years, but when the British Men of Letters sent Mary Winchester to retrieve the Colt in 2017, Ramiel was ultimately killed by Sam Winchester with the Lance of Michael.[1]

At around the same time, Dagon reemerged under Lucifer's command, protecting his unborn Nephilim son, Jack, until his birth in exchange for a place at Lucifer's side and raising his son as a force of destruction. She was instead killed when the child gave Castiel its power to destroy her, burning her alive.[7]

Currently, Asmodeus is the only living Prince of Hell. Upon Lucifer's disappearance into the Apocalypse World, Asmodeus comes out of hiding to take control of Hell until such time as Lucifer returns with his son. In an attempt to gain favor with Lucifer, Asmodeus attempted to raise the shedim from their prison and command them, against Lucifer's wishes. That act of disobedience caused Lucifer to make an example of Asmodeus through torture and humiliation. It is later revealed that Lucifer holds Asmodeus with very little regard, calling him a "one-time stooge", "runt of the litter", and "dimmest bulb in the string."


Princes of Hell, by virtue of being "the oldest of the old demons" according to Crowley, are more powerful than average, having certain abilities and powers not seen in typical demons. The Princes of Hell are also distinguished by their pale yellow eyes -- yellow irises with white sclerae and no visible pupils, although Azazel often had visible pupils when he was alive in earlier episodes.

Powers and abilities

Princes of Hell, like all demons have superhuman strength and durability. They can create and manipulate fire through pyrokinesis, and are also telekinetic, and have the power to throw or inflict lacerations upon humans with their minds. Princes of Hell are also seen to be impervious to things that would be debilitating to regular demons, such as not being affected by holy water or devil's trap bullets. They can survive killing blows from both angel blades and demon-killing knives. The Princes are capable of making deals with humans and they have the power to possess reapers and use their powers for themselves. They also have the power to kill angels and lesser demons. Asmodeus displays a smiting power similar to that of an angel's with the same effect on the demon that he is smiting. He is able to use this power to kill multiple demons at once and does not require touch to smite them. Dagon also displays the ability to combust angels to dust with just a touch of her hand.


As powerful as the Princes of Hell are, they are not without their weaknesses. They cannot cross iron and can be trapped inside of devil's traps. The only two weapons that have been shown to be able to kill a Prince of Hell have been the Colt and the Lance of Michael. They are also weak against higher beings such as Lucifer and Jack Kline as both are capable of torturing and killing them.


1.01 Pilot

On November 2, 1983, in Lawrence, Kansas, Azazel pays a visit to an infant Sam Winchester. He stands over baby Sam's crib and begins feeding him demon blood. Mary, checking on Sam, first assumes Azazel to be John but quickly realizes it is Azazel. Mary is eviscerated and pinned to the ceiling; when John hears her screams he rushes to Sam's nursery to find her on the ceiling and engulfed in flames.

1.21 Salvation

Sam begins receiving visions of Azazel in a nursery attacking a mother. He is able to locate the family in his vision and later formulates a plan to kill Azazel with the Colt.

Monica Holt enters her baby Rose's nursery to find a dark figure standing over the crib. When she asks what Azazel is, he raises his hand and Monica is flung back against the wall. Sam races up the stairs and along the corridor as Monica slides up the wall and onto the ceiling. He enters the room and Azazel turns to him, yellow eyes shining. Sam hesitates, frozen and staring. As Monica screams for Rose, Sam raises the Colt and pulls the trigger. Azazel disappears into smoke. After Sam and Dean get Monica and Rose out of the burning house, they spot Azazel silhouetted in the burning nursery, standing completely still. Sam tries to go back and attempt to kill him again but he is stopped by Dean, who tells him it would be suicide.

1.22 Devil's Trap

After saving John and bringing him to a cabin in the woods, Dean realizes that John has been possessed when John shows no anger for Dean wasting a bullet from the Colt; Dean notes that the real John would be furious. He tells Sam and Dean to kill him if they think he is possessed, but Dean can't go through with it. As Dean lowers the Colt, Azazel reveals himself to the Winchesters. Sam lunges toward him, but is thrown against the wall and pinned, along with Dean. Azazel picks up the Colt and begins mocking them, telling Sam to make the Colt float to him. He tells them this is payback for exorcising Meg and killing Tom, whom he considered his "children." As Azazel begins tearing into Dean, John is able to wrestle control enough for Sam to break free and grab the Colt. He shoots John in the leg; John tells Sam to finish it, as he can't hold onto Azazel much longer. When Sam refuses, Azazel smokes out of John and escapes through a crack in the floor.

2.01 In My Time of Dying

Realizing Dean is going to die, John decides to summon Azazel in the hospital basement to make a deal. He first offers Azazel the Colt and its final bullet, but Azazel wants something more: John's life. John agrees to the terms, on the condition he sees Dean alive and well with his own eyes. Azazel agrees, and proceeds to enter the Veil, where he takes possession of the reaper, Tessa, and brings Dean back to life. Once John sees Dean and has a final moment with his sons, he collapses dead per his arrangement with Azazel.

2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

After bringing the remaining Special Children to Cold Oak, South Dakota, Azazel comes to Sam, telling him that he needs only one of them to lead his army. He also tells the truth about how Sam and the others came to have psychic abilities: Azazel fed each of them his blood when they were six months old. Jake tells Sam that he visited him too, telling him that only one of them will escape alive. Manipulated by Azazel, Jake turns on Sam and the ensuing fight ends with Sam dead and Jake escaping into the woods.

2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two

After Jake kills Sam, he escapes into the woods where Azazel meets him at his improvised campsite. Jake threatens to kill him for what he made him do to the other people in Cold Oak, but Azazel tells him to comply or he will kill his family. After arriving at the train tracks, Jake meets with Azazel again; Azazel gives him the Colt to open a crypt, promising that he and his family will be treated as royalty. Dean, Ellen, Bobby, and a revived Sam realize that Azazel is planning to do something in Southern Wyoming after discovering a 100-square-mile Devil's Trap built by Samuel Colt with an old cowboy cemetery in the center. Jake is able to open the crypt, but Sam shoots him seven times, killing him. They realize that the crypt was a Devil's Gate, and that opening it released Azazel's demon army and numerous spirits.

When the gate was opened, the pentagram was broken, allowing Azazel to reach the cemetery. Dean realizes that the Colt still has the last bullet and when Azazel appears, he takes the gun from Dean and knocks him onto a nearby gravestone. Sam, who was helping Bobby and Ellen seal the crypt, moves to help Dean, but he is thrown onto a tree. Azazel mocks Dean about his dedication to his family which resulted in his desperate act to make a deal with a crossroads demon to bring back Sam. He intends to kill him with the Colt, but John, escaping from Hell via the Devil's Gate as a vengeful spirit, attacks Azazel, ripping him out of his meatsuit. John's distraction gives Dean enough time to retrieve the Colt and shoot Azazel after he returns into his meatsuit, finally killing him with the Colt's last bullet. After closing the crypt, Bobby and Ellen witness John's spirit staring at Azazel's body. After sharing one final moment with his sons, John's spirit finally passes on, ascending to Heaven. Dean stares at Azazel's dead body and tells him "That was for our mom, you son of a bitch." They all agree that despite the fact that Azazel is dead, their work isn't done -- his demon army was released.

4.03 In the Beginning

Castiel sends Dean back to April 1973 to discover Azazel's true endgame. Azazel, possessing a man named Dr. Brown, attempts to make a deal with a woman named Liddy Walsh to receive permission to enter her house in ten years in exchange for curing her husband of cancer. He is interrupted by Dean, Samuel, and Mary, but he flings them away. He turns his attention to Mary, but he has to leave when Dean realizes that he has the Colt and possessed Samuel before he left the house.

After Dean tells Samuel how he came from the future, Azazel reveals himself and restrains Dean against a wall while still in his chair. Azazel tells him how he had been searching for "ideal breeders" to produce the Special Children. He refuses to tell Dean his true endgame, even telling him that he is going to cover his tracks. Dean tells him that no matter what, he is still going to kill him. Azazel then proceeds to kill Samuel and Deanna Campbell and escapes to find Mary. He snaps John's neck and offers to bring him back in exchange for returning in ten years, but he refuses to tell her what he really wants. Mary accepts the deal and Azazel escapes, leaving Samuel's body behind just as Dean arrives. Castiel appears and sends Dean back to the future.

4.22 Lucifer Rising

In October 14, 1972 at St. Mary's Convent in Ilchester, Maryland, Azazel takes possession of a priest, Father Lehne. The next day, during a service for the nuns, he begins speaking of his "Father", and how he had almost given up hope until he found the convent. Revealing his yellow eyes, he proceeds to slaughter all eight nuns in the chapel.

Through these sacrifices, Azazel is able to make a connection to Lucifer's Cage, using a dead nun as a conduit. During their brief talk, Azazel mentions his other siblings, calling them "dickless heathens" for losing their faith in him. Lucifer reveals that he will need Lilith to break the 66 Seals and free him of his prison, and that Azazel will have to find him a "special child" to release her from Hell.

Sam is later able to locate a news article of the murders committed by Azazel while possessing Father Lehne and track Lilith down with the help of Ruby.

12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)

In 2011, Crowley appears before Ramiel, offering him the Lance of Michael and the Colt in exchange for taking Hell's throne, but Ramiel refuses and gives the throne to Crowley in exchange for immunity for himself and his siblings. Crowley agrees and leaves the Lance and the Colt with Ramiel.

Six years later, Mary brings Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Wally a case to kill a demon which is later revealed to be Ramiel. Mary sneaks downstairs to Ramiel's basement and takes the Colt from his wall safe. After Ramiel arrives, they discover that he is immune to devil's trap bullets and Ruby's Knife. He barrels after Castiel and flashes his yellow eyes to Mary. After knocking Castiel out of a window, he stabs him with the Lance of Michael right before Mary ran him over with Wally's van.

After Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Mary seek shelter in a barn, Crowley appears and tells them that Ramiel is one of the four Princes of Hell, another being Azazel who was killed by Dean ten years prior. Crowley appears before Ramiel, offering him a deal to leave the Winchesters and Castiel alone, but he throws Crowley through the doors. Ramiel becomes trapped by a ring of holy fire and tells them that he doesn't care about anything to do with Lucifer, even the fact that he is going to have a baby, stating that Dagon had taken an interest instead. Ramiel gives the, thirty seconds to give the Colt back to him or he will kill them and take it back himself. Mary stays silent while the thirty seconds run out and Ramiel uses the Lance to extinguish the holy fire, freeing himself. After the ensuing fight, Ramiel is stabbed by Sam with the Lance of Michael. Ramiel laughs then flashes orange, his wound catching fire, and he explodes. Crowley later snaps the Lance in half to save Castiel's life after remembering what Ramiel said about the magic in the Lance lying in its craftsmanship.

12.13 Family Feud

After Kelly Kline is ambushed by a pair of angels, Dagon appears and kills them, taking Kelly to safety. Dagon tells her that she can keep her son safe, stating that nothing is born evil and that her son could save them all. Kelly agrees to let Dagon keep her safe until her child is born.

12.17 The British Invasion

Lucifer is communicating with Dagon to keep up to date with Kelly's health; he's promised Dagon a place by his side in exchange for keeping his son safe. After experiencing some pain, Kelly demands Dagon take her to the doctor. They perform an ultrasound and while the doctor notices something, Dagon uses her powers to get the doctor to tell Kelly that "everything looks a-okay." After Dagon leaves to get more supplies, Kelly is drawn out of hiding by Sam and Dean.

After Kelly tells them that she can't kill her child, Dagon appears to retrieve her. Sam and Dean shoot at Dagon with no effect. She flings everyone away before taking Kelly's hand and proceeding to escape. Eileen Leahy takes the Colt and fires at Dagon as she and Kelly disappear, leaving Renny Rawlings to take the hit. Dagon chains Kelly to the bed, stating that she can't be trusted, then reveals that birthing a Nephilim is always fatal for the mother.

12.19 The Future

After Kelly begins refusing to take care of herself, Dagon is forced to make her take her vitamins. She unchains her and tells her to take a bath. Kelly tries to kill herself and her baby after losing hope that her baby would be good for the world, but he revives her to save himself and begins influencing her with his powers. After Dagon realizes what happened, she tells Kelly that he saved her to save himself, but Kelly tells her that her baby is not evil. After Joshua tracks down the Nephilim, he sends Castiel, Kelvin, and Hozai to retrieve Kelly. The conflict ends with Hozai dead, Kelvin restrained, and Castiel escaping with Kelly.

Lucifer asks for an update and Dagon tries to tell him that everything is fine, but he can tell that she is lying and Dagon has to tell him the truth. Lucifer tells her to get his son back or he will make her suffer for all eternity. She tortures Kelvin to get him to tell her where Castiel and Kelly may be going. He tells her that they are going to Heaven's Gate, then she kills him. After Joshua appears, Dagon kills him and moves to kill Castiel and retrieve Kelly. After Sam and Dean catch up and shoot at her, she knocks them away and uses her powers to melt the Colt, causing the muzzle to fall off and severely damaging the gun. When she tries to take Kelly, the Nephilim transfers its power to Castiel, allowing him to block Dagon's powers and cause her to spontaneously combust, killing her while she screams in agony.

13.02 The Rising Son

Asmodeus resurfaces to take control of Hell until Lucifer returns with his son, Jack Kline. After arriving in the Needham Asylum, he smites a room full of demons, sparing only Drexel, Harrington, and Sierra. He sends them off to locate Lucifer, but when Drexel confirms that they can't locate him, he decides to shift their attention in locating his son. He tells Drexel about how he released the shedim with the purpose of using them to conquer Earth, but Lucifer feared them and locked them away in Hell. He left Asmodeus with two scars over his left eye, and the humiliation forged an eternal bond between them.

Asmodeus is able to locate Dean at a bar, where he takes the form of the female bartender after slicing her throat. He reveals that he left the machinations of Hell because he was unable to get Lucifer's approval. He later takes the form of Donatello Redfield to learn more about Jack from Sam, who reveals that he will become more powerful than Lucifer. Asmodeus decides to take Jack to the Hell Gate in Jasper, Wyoming, to release the shedim. Sam, Dean, and Donatello are distracted by Harrington and Sierra who are killed for their troubles while Asmodeus takes Jack to Jasper, still in the guise of Donatello. After Asmodeus convinces him to harness his powers, Jack is able to open the portal and they witness the shedim begin to crawl out of the pit, but they are interrupted by the Winchesters and the real Donatello. When Dean shoots his shoulder, Asmodeus reveals his true form and starts to mentally strangle the trio while trying to persuade Jack to come with him, promising him the world. Jack sends the shedim back into the pit, closes the gate, and attacks Asmodeus for tricking him and hurting his friends, but he teleports away from Jack's reach.

13.07 War of the Worlds

13.13 Devil's Bargain