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On July 13th 2006. anteka posted pictures of what she called "Supernatural Action Figures" in her LJ. After coming upon a bin of naked Barbies at Goodwill, to quote anteka “the idea sprang fully formed from my head like I had just been waiting for the opportunity to do this”. Three naked Ken dolls were purchased and garage sales and eBay scoured for clothes and accessories.

In her first post, we got to meet Plastic!Dean, Plastic!Sam and Plastic!John. The resemblance to the real thing was amazing except for one notable difference which was to continue as the series took off – these plastic!boys were hugging!

After receiving pages of positive feedback, on July 15th, 2006 anteka posted what she decided to call Plastic!Winchester Theater - Episode One. All the elements of what the series was to become were there – snappy dialogue, brotherly love, a gorgeous motel room, a great plot and a special guest star in the form of Harry Potter.

SamandDeanActionFigures029.jpg The very first public appearance of the Plastic!Winchesters

The Show

Something that has distinguished this project has been the level of skill evident in the work. Each episode involves the writing of a story, usually with a main and at least one secondary plot. Around 100 individual shots are used, there are animated special effects, and the set decoration is a wonder to behold.

Currently one episode of P!WT, as it is known to fans, is posted each week.

Season one comprised 21 episodes and at February 2007, the show is up to episode eight of the second season.

The show has seen a number of very famous guest stars including Viggo Mortensen, Harry Potter, Buffy, Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer.

While a different foe is faced each week, recurring evil has a cute face in the form of the evil Care Bears, and the evil!plastic!Winchesters.

Support crew and fans

One of the features of PW!T is the extent to which, while being the vision and creation of anteka, fans have been drawn to participate in the project in many ways.

Each week up to six people are involved in providing beta services for the episodes ensuring its high quality.

People from all over the world send in props, clothes and dolls to feature in PW!T. many of us are now inexplicable drawn to the

The lj community Spn_plastic was created to host P!WT and creative fan projects such as fic or icons that involved the plastic!Winchesters.

Associated projects

Like any good successful show, PW!T has spawned a number of associated project from Blooper reels, to Behind the Scenes tours with Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean as well as episode commentaries by anteka.

P!WT merchandise is available from Café Press

Out in the real world

Fans from around the world have photographed P!WT in a variety of settings.

On December 15 2006, Plastic!Winchester Theatre was enthusiastically reviewed by The CW Blog