Peter Kent

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Peter Kent Demon.jpg
Name Peter Kent
Actor Omari Newton
Dates 1958 (cured by Father Max Thompson)
Occupation Demon (cured)
Episode(s) 8.22 Clip Show


A demon possessing a man named Peter Kent was captured by Father Max Thompson, some time after it murdered and ate Peter Kent's family. According to Father Thompson he was the nineteenth trial in his attempts to cure a demon, and possibly the only success, as there are only two known recordings of Father Thompson's attempts to cure demons.


8.22 Clip Show

After eight hours of being injected by the purified blood of Father Thompson, the demon appeared to show clear remorse for the actions he committed to Peter Kent and his family. Though what happened to the demon afterward is unknown, as the tape recording of the session cut-off soon after.

The demon inhabiting Peter Kent being given the final stage of the cure.
The demon finally cured.