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2013 People's Choice Awards for Favorite Sci-Fi Show and TV Fan Following; pic by Jim Michaels

The People's Choice Awards are awards for music, movies and TV voted on by the general public. In 2009 an award for Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Show was awarded for the first time. Voting occurs in November/December, with the awards ceremony in January of the following year.


Supernatural was nominated for Favorite SciFi Show, Jared and Jensen for Favorite SciFi/Fantasy Actor and Sam, Dean and Cas for Favorite TV Bromance in the People's Choice Awards to be announced on January 8th. Jared and Jensen will not be attending, as they were not invited to be presenters this year. All nominees are invited to attend as audience members.

  • Supernatural won favourite TV bromance for Sam, Dean and Cas
  • Beauty and the Beast beat out Supernatural in Favourite SciFi/Fantasy Show
  • Ian Somerhalder beat both Jensen and Jared to win Favorite SciFi/Fantasy Actor


In October 2012, voting opened for nominations for the People's Choice Awards. Fans were upset when Supernatural, having won the award in 2012, was not on the listed of shows suggested for nomination in the Favorite Network TV Drama. There was also a new category for "Favorite TV Fan Following" in which the Supernatural fandom was referred to as "Dean Girls, Sam Girls, and Misha Wives". Within hours of the polls opening, fan complaints about this led to it being changed to the widely used Nickname: SPN Family.

Supernatural gained nominations for favorite Scifi/fantasy Show, and Jared and Jensen are both nominated for Favorite Dramatic TV actor. The fandom was nominated in Favorite TV Fan Following.

Supernatural won Favourite Sci/Fi Show, but Jensen and Jared lost out to Nathan Fillion. The SPN Fandom won favourite TV Fan Following.

J2foursome for WIki.jpg


Jensen wore a suit by Albert Hammond Jr for Confederacy suit, with a shirt by John Varvatos + Gucci Shoes with a pocket square by J Lindberg. Danneel's gold dress was by St John and shoes by Rene Caovilla. Her hair and makeup team were Dedra Whitt and Mitch Stone.

Jared's outfit was all John Varvatos pairing a Black Collection suit with a Bowery Jean shirt. Shoes and pocket square designer unknown. Genevieve's dress was by J. Mendel. Her shoes were Jimmy Choo and her bag was a Blumera box clutch.

There is a colour theme throughout with everyone wearing something with oxblood and/or purple - Danneel with oxblood nail polish. The collar/lapels on Jared and Jensen’s shirt/jacket are mirror images of each other. Danneel and Genevieve both evoke a modern take on old Hollywood, especially with their classic hair styles, and simple makeup with the slash of red lipstick. They each look very individual, yet all linked together.



Press Coverage


In November 2011 it was announced that Supernatural had been nominated for Network Drama against House, The Good Wife , The Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy, as well as Best SciFi/Fantasy Show up against Fringe, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. Supernatural fans around the world voted with dedicated passion that lasted right up to the last minute.

  • Jared and Jensen thank the fans for the nomination, and ask us to keep voting. Filmed on set on 1st December, the idea for the punchline was the boys’.

Supernatural won both Favorite Network TV Drama and Favorite SciFi Fantasy Show in the People's Choice Awards!!!

Jim Michaels posted pictures of the awards after the winners were announced:


In November 2010 it was announced that Supernatural had been nominated for Best SciFi/Fantasy Show up against Fringe, Smallville, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. The award was won by Fringe.

2010 PCA Award for Favorite SciFi/Fantasy Show


  • Supernatural won for Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Show, beating LOST, Heroes, True Blood and the Vampire Diaries. Voting was by SMS only. The award was not presented live during the show.
    • CW video congratulating Supernatural and Vampire Diaries on their People's Choice Awards.
    • Eric Kripke auctioned the nominee's prize to raise money for the Bush Clinton Fund for Haiti.
    • At the 100th episode party on January 30th 2010, three specially made banners were unfurled, one of which celebrated the People's Choice Award.
    • Interview with Jim Michaels about the PCA Award, and it travelling to Vancouver


  • Heroes won the Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Show category, beating Supernatural and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
CW poster celebrating the 2012 PCA wins