Penny Dessertine

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Name Penny Dessertine
Actor Darla Taylor
Location Portland, Oregon
Episode(s) 6.12 Like a Virgin


Penny, a 22-year-old woman from Portland, Oregon, was among a number of women abducted by a group of dragons. While taking a light plane trip with her boyfriend Stan, the plane was attacked by a dragon. The dragon killed Stan and took Penny because she was still a virgin and thus a suitable candidate for carrying out their plan to raise the "Mother of All" from the depths of Purgatory. It is assumed Penny was saved, as she was in the cage that Dean and Sam found in the sewer, and the dragon that abducted her shows up to the door to Purgatory with no women.


  • Penny's surname is a shout-out to Supernatural writer Rebecca Dessertine. Penny's religious beliefs are unknown, but she is not a Christian.